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Milltown Police’s move to former Comfort House home a ‘win-win’

When Comfort House announced that it was moving from Milltown to Corydon, Milltown Police Chief Ray Saylor saw the opportunity for a win-win situation.
Saylor wanted to relocate the police department from the former firehouse to the larger town-owned office space that had been rented by the sexual assault and child advocacy center off Hancock Street, but he also wanted to work with Comfort House officials to ensure services remained available at Milltown.
He said he was concerned the agency’s move to Corydon would strain law enforcement, particularly those from Crawford County, who have limited resources and would have to travel out of county to conduct forensic interviews.
Therefore, Saylor, a member of the child sexual assault forensic interview team with Comfort House, addressed the agency’s directors about keeping a satellite office at the new police department. The agency was receptive and the town council gave its OK.
‘Everyone saw this as a win-win,’ Saylor said.
The police department’s new home, located below Dr. John Click’s office in the town medical building, ‘will help us tremendously as far as being able to conduct interviews with both adults and children,’ Saylor said.
He said the extra space will also provide much-needed training, office and storage space, which has become more needed as the department has expanded its community efforts over the years. Another benefit, he said, is the new facility will have much better parking access.
Saylor is Milltown’s only full-time paid officer, but the department has three volunteer reserves and 12 young people in its cadet program. Plus, the mother of one of the cadets, Debbie Cunningham, volunteers in the office, he said.
Saylor said he has been impressed with the community’s help in getting the new facility ready for the move. He estimated that himself, the reserves and cadets, and several members of the community have put in about 200 hours doing things like painting and removing a couple of walls, including one so the department can have a conference and training room.
Saylor added that the department has received donations from several businesses, including Smith Store Fixtures near Frenchtown, who provided counters.
‘So, it’s been kind of a community effort,’ he said.
In addition to the interview area, Saylor said Comfort House will maintain office space. However, the agency will only have personnel at the office during interviews, he said.
Milltown Town Council President Curt Hudson said the police department’s old home has been appraised with the intent of selling it.
Saylor said the area by the department’s new home will continue to see improvements.
The Milltown Masonic Lodge, he said, has announced plans to build a new facility behind the police department.