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Lanesville expects to approve teacher contract

Unlike their counterparts in the northern region of Harrison County, Lanesville Community School Corp. teachers have a tentative new contract, slated for ratification at a teacher’s meeting after school today (Wednesday).
Brian Book, a teacher and coach from Lanesville Junior-Senior High School and president of the Lanesville Education Association, reported to the school board last Tuesday that teams from the Lanesville Education Association and the corporation reached a two-year agreement. In a sign of good faith, board president Donald Hussung recommended the school board call a special meeting for approval immediately after the contracts are ratified.
All members of the board, including Sam Gardner, interim superintendent of the school corporation, expressed their happiness with the negotiation process and with the final results.
The new contract gives teachers a 2-1/2-percent increase in pay both this year and next.
Gardner also took time during his report to the school board to congratulate principals Marsha Himmelhaver and Janet Page for being presented with a Top Gainer award for their efforts in improvement in student achievement.
The awards are issued by the Indiana Student Achievement Institute and are granted through completion of the school improvement plans. This is Page’s third year of receiving the award, which was given at a statewide meeting last Thursday.
In other school board matters, the school trustees:
‘ Heard Gardner express his appreciation to Harrison County officials for their efforts in getting the school’s tax returns out before the end of the year.
‘We are appreciative of the work of Harrison County government officials who worked hard to get to us property tax distributions by the end of the year,’ he said. ‘Because we received the money before the end of the year, we did not have to extend our temporary loans, and we did not have to borrow additional money for operating expenses.’
‘ Approved a plan presented by Gardner for new signs posted around Lanesville to replace two that had been damaged.
There will be four total, with two having arrows pointing toward the schools. There are also recent sports accomplishments listed on the signs; Gardner said more can be added to the signs through hanging additions. The board also decided to make sure the signs were not constructed from wood, but from more durable materials.
‘ Approved the transferring of funds from the general fund. Gardner said this is traditionally done in January, and it is done so money can be moved to different categories in order to be spent. The total amount of the transfers equaled $83,443.90.
‘ Approved the statement that Lanesville schools would maintain current expenses for student instruction. Gardner said this issue arose as a requirement for each superintendent and school board in Indiana to have this discussion, as mandated by the state. He said it was done to ensure that the money is for teaching and learning, rather than for brick and mortar. Gardner said the state average is about 54 percent, while Lanesville spends roughly 63 or 64 percent on student enrichment rather than building improvement. In fact, the majority of construction in Lanesville, such as the new agriculture lab, was constructed without any taxpayer money.
‘ Approved two donations: a grant from Knights of Columbus in the amount of $333.40 to Lanesville Elementary and an anonymous donation in the amount of $250 to the art department.
‘ Approved two facility-use requests. Farm Bureau will use the cafeteria for meetings through November, and the Lanesville Youth League will use the gym Feb. 23 for team tryouts.
‘ Approved several personnel items: an enrichment class contract for Bethany Miller for the January intersession; resignation of Charles York of the maintenance department; temporary contract for substitute teachers for elementary leaves of absence.