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Elizabeth election results still in question

The Harrison County Election Board met Monday to review ballots cast in the towns of Palmyra and Elizabeth two weeks ago.
While nothing of any substance changed in the races in Palmyra, the election results from Elizabeth are still in question.
In Elizabeth, the at-large seat on the three-member town council was won by one vote by Alan Worrall, a former councilman. He bested incumbent Brad Evans by count of 32-31. Robert Libka picked up 11 votes in the same race.
Additional counts Monday produced the same results.
However, the validity of one ballot, cast by Timothy Sutherland, is still in question. Sutherland’s address is listed as being on S.R. 11, but his house actually sits outside town limits.
‘His mailing address is within town limits, but his house sits about 10 or 15 feet outside of town limits. When they annexed in Elizabeth, the property owner asked that his house not be put within the town limits due to tax reasons,’ said Harrison County Circuit Clerk Sherry Brown. ‘The problem is no one challenged his vote Election Day, and since there’s no way to identify which ballot is his, it must be counted.
‘If he’s not challenged, then he’s on the poll book and should be allowed to vote,’ she said.
Brown said she’s consulting with election division attorneys in Indianapolis to see where the election goes from here. One option would be to hold a special election. Another option would be for Evans to file a civil suit. Brown said she’s hoping it doesn’t come to either.
‘The deadline to file for a civil suit is Nov. 28, so that only gives us three or four days to get word from Indianapolis if that’s what (Evans) wants to do,’ Brown said. ‘They’ve got multiple issues in Indianapolis right now because there were several races around the state that resulted in ties. They’ve got to handle more than just one county.
‘I’ve e-mailed and have been on the phone with the people up there,’ she said. ‘We’re hoping to get this resolved as quickly as we can.’
Ten of the 19 provisional ballots in Palmyra were counted, with the end results being the same, but with a different count.
In the race for the clerk-treasurer position, Virginia Dale won with 126 votes (up from 122), followed by Michael D.L. Dennis with 67 (up from 63) and Kimberly L. Poer with 34 (up from 32).
Top vote-getters Alvin Brown, Paul Eveslage and Virginia (Jenny) Kirkham each added three votes to their previous totals of 103, 99 and 95, respectively.
The newly tallied totals (and former counts) were: incumbent Joe Robbeloth, 89 (88); Roy (Speedy) McClanahan, 83 (77); incumbent George Morgan, 71 (68); Elwood Rowe, 60 (56); and Andrea Rook, 53 (48).