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Time to take control over war ’employees’ we’ve hired

I just turned off the TV while watching Erik Prince testify for a committee about his company, Blackwater USA. I am disgusted, but not with Prince and his hired hands who all have their motto: ‘I regret I have but one life to give for my $125,000 per annum salary.’ They are nothing but the black-hearted opportunists who flock in the wake of war-mongering factions everywhere.
I guess I could be disgusted by the mission statement of this company that prides itself on high-minded principles of Christian ethics and patriotic zeal.
Picture ex-Navy Seals at Thanksgiving dinner mumbling, ‘Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition’ while destroying American credibility with the Iraqi people.
No, I am not even disgusted with Congress who has gone for four years now knowing about this mercenary payroll and not telling us about it. Their indignation at the sudden appearance of this band of American marauders across the Iraqi landscape is laughable. Of course, they were aware of all this before now. I was. Hmmm, let me think. I wonder who has signed that (literally) billion dollars worth of checks that Blackwater has been paid in the last four years. Not me.
Congress had a partner in crime in this fake out. The news media was forced by a mother and baby murdered on the streets to address the issue. But let’s be fair. ‘Coast to Coast’ and ‘Democracy Now’ have been harping about Blackwater for close to two years. These two sources can be dubious at times. After all, C2C reports on Bigfoot sightings, and ‘Democracy Now’ wouldn’t report a conservative opinion if it was delivered on tablets by Moses himself. ‘The Daily Show’ has more credibility to me than Fox or MSNBC. But I gave up on them long ago. No. My disgust doesn’t lie with the news media.
And it is politically incorrect to say, ‘You know? I am really tired and disgusted with the Middle East, with religion, the Jewish/Palestian question, and radioactive materials.’ You can’t just bury your head in a novel and hope it all goes away.
The Bush Administration used to earn my deepest and most heartfelt disgust, but I have literally gotten tired of their philosophy of anti-love and anti-life. Let them eat cake if that is all they want from their beloved stock market buffet. People who stuff themselves on power and greed always blow up eventually on their own anyway.
My disgust is in the same exact place that Thomas L. Friedman, the respected columnist and author, decided to place his last week in his New York Times editorial, on us, the people of the United States. As he so succinctly put it: ‘We can’t afford to keep being this stupid!’ Ha. I have read him a long time now, and I don’t ever remember him yelling at us like that before. Ouch.
The apathy and inaction of all of us is mind-boggling. Can we not dial a phone? Are we too busy to write a letter? Can’t we e-mail our respected friend Sen. Richard Lugar and ask for some action? I know from experience that he has fine office personnel who answer politely and listen nicely while you spout off for a short period of time about your issue. That is his job to listen to us. Why is this country so passive? That is why I am disgusted.
It is almost becoming morally reprehensible to be as complacent as this population is attempting to be. Are we drugged on TV, mood enhancers, Halo 3, iPods, graphic novels or sports? Are we taking care of aging parents, college-bound kids and our own fattening bodies?
I think yes to all of the above. Friedmann accused us of being stupid, but I hope for better than that. We are only tired and have turned the wheel over to others while we sleep in the passenger seat.
The problem is that these ‘others’ are driving 100 miles an hour through Iraqi streets, hanging with guns out of helicopters over innocent civilians and disgusting our own soldiers by their hot-dogging unprofessional behavior.
We obviously need these mercenaries to fill gaps that our military can’t cover. Maybe we should take control of the steering wheel a bit more and demand some limits and accountability from these employees that we have hired to fight our wars for us.