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Suspect in downtown robbery apprehended two blocks from bank

Suspect in downtown robbery apprehended two blocks from bank
Suspect in downtown robbery apprehended two blocks from bank
Officers from the Harrison County Sheriff's Dept. and Corydon Police Dept. arrest bank robbery suspect David R. Waltz, 24, on North Capitol Avenue in Corydon Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Brian Smith)

A Corydon man who allegedly robbed a bank Thursday afternoon in downtown Corydon was arrested just a few hundred yards from the bank a short time later.
The robbery occurred at about 2:20 p.m. at the Community First Bank branch on Chestnut Street by a white male with blond hair and wearing a black jacket. ‘Give me your money. Put it in the bag. Hurry. Sorry,’ David R. Waltz, 24, allegedly told a bank employee. The robber indicated an object underneath his clothing, inferring he was armed, but the suspect never displayed a weapon, police said.
After taking an undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect fled on foot, heading east on Chestnut Street. He made several stops throughout downtown Corydon, including Magdalena’s Restaurant and The Real Enchilada No. 2 Mexican restaurant.
At one point during the attempted escape, Waltz walked through the alley between Conrad’s Music Store and Corydon United Methodist Church. While in the alley, he allegedly removed the jacket he was wearing and tossed it behind an air-conditioning unit on the northside of the church. He headed north on Elm Street, where he ran into and nearly knocked down a citizen in front of Conrad’s who gave police a revised description (short blond hair, green T-shirt) of Waltz.
Police officers with the Town of Corydon and Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. arrived on the scene and began looking for the suspect.
An employee at The Real Enchilada said Waltz ordered a burrito and an iced tea and paid for it with $10 cash, then walked out before he could get his change, as well as his food.
Capt. James Sadler of the Corydon Police Dept. told investigators he noticed a white male who fit the physical and clothing description of the suspect near the intersection of North Capitol Avenue and Walnut Street.
One of the first officers who arrived said he saw someone walk out of the Mexican restaurant, look both ways multiple times, then push a crosswalk button to go west on Walnut Street. Upon seeing the police car, Waltz changed his direction and pushed a crosswalk button to head south on North Capitol Avenue. The officer radioed to dispatch to double-check the description that was made by bank tellers, which matched that of the suspect.
Waltz, who surrendered peacefully, was then apprehended by police in front of the courthouse. A large amount of cash stuffed into a white, plastic Wal-Mart bag was found stuffed in his pants.
Also recovered by state police along the path of escape was the metallic object used to threaten the bank teller, which Waltz allegedly told investigators was a piece of a coat hanger.
‘The tellers did an excellent job with the physical description, and the police from Corydon and Harrison County canvassed the area quickly,’ said Det. Bill Wibbels of the Indiana State Police. ‘They all did an excellent job being right on top of it. I can’t say that enough. Everyone did a great job.’
It wasn’t the first time the downtown branch had been robbed.
Both in 2001 and 2005, the same branch was robbed by William (Donnie) Ritter, who was convicted in both cases. Ritter was also convicted of robbing a Palmyra branch of First Harrison Bank in 2005.
Waltz was in court Friday afternoon. Harrison Superior Court Judge Roger D. Davis entered a not-guilty plea on Waltz’s behalf. A pre-trial hearing was scheduled for Dec. 12 at 1 p.m., with a jury trial slated for Jan. 22 at 9 a.m.
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