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Looking for the lost

It seems to me that I spend a lot of my time trying to find things. It isn’t so humiliating when things just get lost, but often what I’m hunting is something that I deliberately put in a ‘safe’ place. I can’t find the most important things that I’ve tucked away from robbers and other bad guys. Perhaps I must admit to myself that I am probably the worst person in the room to ensure safety of the treasures for the future. Where are these lost items anyway?
Sometimes, I begin to think that I’m not looking in the right places or in the right way. Maybe I just need to open my mind and eyes in a new approach.
It has been many years since Albert Einstein informed the world of the theory of relativity. Now I can, with many of you, recite E=MC2, which is the equation for this complex idea about how things work in our universe. But, believe me, I don’t really get it. I don’t really get it as it applies to my everyday life and how I think and act; however, I do acknowledge that all is not as it seems to us in our practical vision of the material world.
We are all awed as we should be by explorations into outer space. There is life out there we can only speculate and fantasize about. The whole possibility of life in many forms on many planets is well worth our efforts to go look for it. The historian for NASA says it’s a matter of survival for our planet.
Some years ago, I was reading about the Underground Railroad that existed to free African Americans from slavery. Wow, what a hunt to uncover that which by its very nature was hidden! The search now is detailing unexpected alliances of people and uses of secret systems and leadership that dwelled hidden in our mist. Who said space missions were the only exciting game in town? Is it not as vital to learn of this survival life that existed in our country as it is to seek possibilities for survival millions of miles away?
There are indeed every day new questions to be asked. Are we looking in all the right places for the answers?
Over the past year, I have been exposed to thoughts and practices that we associate with what is referred to as the ‘Eastern’ mind. We here in the Western world have been programmed by the science and logic that came out of the enlightenment of Europe. We look for the provable in physical terms and want to qualify and quantify everything. It has served us pretty well, wouldn’t you say? Look at our country. Even though relatively new, it is prosperous in economics and civil freedoms as well as the source of much that is artistic and innovative in the world. To put it bluntly, we are internationally ‘The Leader’ today.
But more and more it becomes clear that as we live in this ‘global living room,’ we have more and more need to understand those who have grown out of centuries of an Eastern culture. Many times we act as though everyone operates like we do or at least wishes they could. We are finding this to be a very arrogant, na’ve and unproductive view.
The Eastern mystics tell us we should often look within ourselves for revelations and realities. As I attended The International Yoga Festival in India with folks from 35 other countries, I was encouraged to sit in silence and meditate. I can’t keep still or quiet for two seconds, and they intended for me to do it for hours. That is the purpose of the Yoga positions, to free your mind of your body movement so you can become introspective.
Wow, and I thought one assumed those poses to lose weight or keep supple! Instead, they were telling me to slow down and look within for the answers to life. This, I am encouraged, will allow me to hear answers from without.
Could it be that our bodies are in a cycle that brings us in to different modes of finding? As kids, it is all about physical growing and mental stretching outside our own shells. As we acquire knowledge and grow spiritually, is our body slowing down and telling us to sit quietly and look within?
I don’t know the answers to much in life, but I will say again, that I am becoming aware of the questions. One of the questions for me these days is where do I look for the hidden? It is an exciting adventure and, who knows, I might find something that was lost!