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Another whiz-bang year for Lanesville’s Heritage Festival

Another whiz-bang year for Lanesville’s Heritage Festival
Another whiz-bang year for Lanesville’s Heritage Festival
Charles Stump, left, and Ray Davis, both of Nelson County, Ky., look at a steam display Saturday afternoon made by Francis Lindauer of Ferdinand. It was the first time Davis had attended Lanesville Heritage Weekend. Lindauer, who has exhibited in Lanesville several years, brought this display for the first time.

The 32nd annual Lanesville Heritage Weekend festival was the biggest its ever been with great weather all three days. Featured this year were Allis Chalmers Tractors, Fairbanks-Morse Gasoline Engines and Case Steam Engines.
An estimated 75,000 to 80,000 visitors ‘ reportedly from all over the world ‘ found their way to Lanesville for the weekend to display their machines or to view the many different tractors and farm equipment. More than 400 tractors and lawn tractors were on the festival grounds, which was a record number according, to Clyde Pitts, co-chairman of the antique tractor display. Bob Holsclaw of Bullitt County, Ky., brought his steam engine from his CoolSpring Farm.
‘I come back every year to see everybody and to meet new people,’ he said.
Holsclaw and his steam engine have been a mainstay at Heritage for 15 years.
Many people gathered around on Sunday as Holsclaw displayed the steam engine used to cut wood.
Besides the farm equipment, there was plenty to do for those not interested in steam engines or tractors. Kids and parents alike had fun with the carnival rides and games. Rows and rows of booths ‘ more than 260 ‘ with a variety of items and food for sale were set up. At one booth, The Leather Shop, was James Wilkerson of Columbus, a first-timer to the event who was helping at the booth, a regular at Heritage for many years.
‘This is a very nice festival,’ he said.
The food, available from the start of the festival Friday at noon through the end of the weekend, is a can’t miss and never disappoints. Kristan Benz, a North Harrison High School graduate and University of Louisville student, knows her choice.
‘Jimbo’s Barbecue, I come for it every year,’ she said.
The gazebo was a popular spot for relaxing during the afternoons. Many people gathered there to listen to music while enjoying a meal or snack.
Also bigger this year was the antique gasoline engine display, with 175 exhibitors. Jimmy Woods of Corker, Ala., came the farthest to participate. He brought a gas engine, horse carriage, a miniature hay baler and a replica of a steam engine he made.
This was the first year to have four huge ‘ 15- to 20-horse power ‘ gas engines. They were brought by Fred Van Hook of Lafayette and Len Lanahan of Franklin. The engines were formerly used to drill for oil.
A new addition to the festival was the Antique Farm Machinery Parade held Sunday afternoon on the tractor pull track. Carl (Buck) Mathes identified and explained each machine to the crowd as it passed by the stands. Joan and Pete Schickel began the parade, with Pete driving his combine. The parade included equipment dating back to the 1930s. One of the rare antiques in the parade was a 1977 New Holland self-propelled baler. The parade gave the viewers a chance to see the equipment in operation, not just in a stationary display as in the past.
‘Each year, we strive to put on a show that brings back memories of the early days on a farm for the older generation,’ said Dale (Chip) White, general chairman. ‘And for the younger generation, we hope they will enjoy learning how things were done when their grandparents were young.’
White thanked God for the weather, attributing the festival’s success to it during the closing ceremony.
‘This festival is located in Lanesville, but it is not just the citizens in and around Lanesville that make the festival what it is today,’ said former chairman and honorary director Maynard Lambertus. ‘It is the involvement of so many who give of themselves, far and wide, contributing their time, talent and interest in such a program.’
Joan Schickel also attributes the success to such a variety of interests. ‘It’s such a balanced program,’ she said.
Free admission and free parking are also a big plus, Schickel said.
Demonstrations the past 32 years have included rug weaving, lye soap making, broom making, clap board and shingle making, apple butter making, basket weaving, spinning, wood turning, sorghum making and blacksmithing.
The first festival was held in May 1976 as a project to celebrate the 200th birthday of the United States. A grant of $500 was obtained from the federal government to fund the very first bicentennial ‘Fair,’ as it was called. The date was changed to its current date, the second full weekend in September, after the festival in 1977.
The dates for the 2008 festival are Sept. 12, 13 and 14.

Here is a list of contest results from this year’s festival:
Tractor Pull (Thursday)
4,500-pound antique (1939 and older) ‘ Phillip Ward, first, 269.07; Ron Rose, second, 266.84; Russ Rose, third, 265.87; Arvel Mosier, fourth, 263.79; Justin Stigler, fifth, 191.79.
5,500-pound antique (1939 and older) ‘ Shawn Oesteritter, first; Steve Waite, second; James VanCleave, third.
4,500-pound antique (1940-1955) ‘ Russ Rose, first, 289.60; Juder Smith, second, 285.24; Luke Wehr, third, 284.53; Ron Rose, fourth, 282.30; Jerry Smith, fifth, 828.10; Dick Smith, sixth, 281.34.
5,500-pound antique (1940-1955) ‘ Russ Rose, first, 273.88; Luke Wehr, second, 267.44; Dave Pate, third, 263.54; Jim Smith, fourth, 257.81; Reuben Yount, fifth, 256.90; Juder Smith, sixth, 254.16.
5,500-pound antique (1959 and older) ‘ Reuben Yount, first, 265.42; Jim Smith, second, 264.76; Juder Smith, third, 263.79; Russ Rose, fourth, 263.54; Keith Long, fifth, 261.76; Bernie Spindler, sixth, 261.61.
6,500-pound antique (1959 and older) ‘ Bernie Spindler, first, 235.19; Keith Long, second, 234.69; Reuben Yount, third, 211.82; Tom Arvin, fourth, 209.48; Jimmy Hance, fifth, 208.27; Dave Pate, sixth, 206.79.
12,500-pound antique (1950 and older) ‘ Randy Wolf Jr., first, 229.97; Ronald Lind, second, 194.98; Randy Wolf, third, 177.18; Wayne Mosier, fourth, 153.04; Dennis Andres, fifth, 149.65.
KTPA Pull (Friday)
5,800-pound Pro-Stock 2WD ‘ Fred Shrum, first, 281.83; Glen Murphy, second, 274.97; Jason Coomer, third, 273.36; Anthony Young, fourth, 272.00; Charlie Holt, fifth, 269.56; Larry Anderson, sixth, 267.14; Eric Wells, seventh, 265.35; Ray Heath, eighth, 261.28; Don Adams, ninth, 254.65.
6,200-pound Pro-Stock 4WD ‘ Nathan Luallen, first, 278.96; Jamie Barger, second, 274.80; Mervin Turner, third, 274.78; Jonathon Payne, fourth, 273.04; Chris Hall, fifth, 272.32; Manual Hooten, sixth, 271.82; Jay Holt, seventh, 271.39; Marty Luttrell, eighth, 270.92; Shane Thomas, ninth, 270.31; Adam Kincaid, 10th, 270.27; Justin Coomer, 11th, 270.25; Darren Taylor, 12th, 267.98; Coy Stepro, 13th, 267.72; Neal Allen, 14th, 267.60; Nelson Stepro, 15th, 263.73; Bryon Neiman, 16th, 260.74; Jeff Sprowl, 17th, 245.08.
6,200-pound Super Stock 4WD ‘ Brandon Fisher, first, 280.51; Tim Hutcherson, second, 279.46; Luke Thomas, third, 277.59; David Lawton, fourth, 276.51; Justin Fleace, fifth, 270.52.
6,200-pound Street Gas 4WD ‘ Troy Faulkenburg, first; Derrick Geltmaker, second.
6,500-pound Open 4WD ‘ Greg Davis, first, 286.42 (full pull); Freddie Powell, second, 285.24 (full pull); Richard Sewell, third, 286.54 (full pull); Gene Fitzgerald, fourth, 275.19; Jerry Childers, fifth, 267.76; Freddie Powell, sixth, 264.63.
Pull off ‘ Greg Davis, first, 264.11; Freddie Powell, second, 256.34; Richard Sewell, third, broke.
8,000-pound Diesel 4WD ‘ Brandon Reisert, first, 279.75; Mason Bowling, second, 271.79; Jason Linne, third, 268.11; Jordan Hickman, fourth, 262.39; Matt Claycamp, fifth.
Exhibitor Tractor Pull (Saturday)
5,000-pound antique ‘ Michael Mattingly, first, 216.41; Dickey Garmon, second, 215.24; Timmy Burkhead, third, 213.70.
7,000-pound antique ‘ Arvel Mosier, first, 171.02; Glen Burkhead, second, 164.82; Stewart Lynch, third, 163.75.
Tractor Pull (Saturday)
10,000-pound Hot Farm ‘ Charles Dutton, first, 293.48 and 298.56; Mark Dashiell, second, 299.56 and 292.03; Lee Overmeyer, third, 303.33 and 287.22; Brad Overmeyer, fourth, 296.18 and 283.80; Curt Begley, fifth, 290.27 and 275.09.
13,000-pound Farm Stock ‘ Jon Schuerman, first, 284.48; Jon Ruhe, second, 279.06; Jon Schuerman, third, 276.27; Gavin Durcholz, fourth, 274.95; Evan Murphy, fifth, 274.90.
16,000-pound Farm Stock ‘ Nick Wehr, first; John Ruhe, second; Kyle McKinley, third; Jon Schuerman, fourth; Jon Schuerman, fifth.
9,300-pound Super Farm ‘ Russell Counce, first, 296.55; Justin Wagler, second, 289.36; Mac Darnell, third, 286.93; Josh Miley, fourth, 286.88; Peter Norton, fifth, 285.13.
8,500-pound Open Diesel 4WD ‘ Randy Messersmith, first; Adam Euinger, second; Brandon Reisert, third; Jason Wagoner, fourth; Wes Hibbard, fifth.
6,200-pound Street Gas 4WD ‘ Troy Faulkenburg, first; Derrick Geltmaker, second; Chris Marino, third; George Adams, fourth; Jeremy Robinson, fifth.
Tractor Games
Barrell Roll ‘ JR Reese, first, John Deere H; Rodney Couch, second, Far Mall F20.
Slow Race ‘ Wayne Mossier, first; Anthony Stewart, second.
Skillet Throw ‘ Miranda Riley, first; Lisa Watson, second.
Blindfold Race ‘ Howard Fisher, first; Mike Hardy, second.
Tennis Ball Drop ‘ Anthony Stewart, first; JR Reese, second.
Quick Start Hand ‘ Tyler Mathis, first.
Crank Start ‘ David Bottles, first; Rodney Couch, second.
Log Sawing
Mens ‘ Chip White and Virgil Jawtak, 25.19.
Womens ‘ Sarah Conrad and Paula Hamilton, 47.03.
Mixed ‘ Eugene Gleitz and Donna Hublar, 25.90
Horseshoe Tournament
Single ‘ Darrell Sherrard, Henryville, first; Mike Schooky, Salem, second; Gary (Murph) Owens, Louisville, third.
Doubles ‘ Rachel Dixon, New Albany, and Darrell Jacobs, Elizabeth, first; Verlin Whitman, Laconia, and John Brown, Brandenburg, second; Sherman Woodford and Mark Whalen, both of Louisville, third.
Grand Marshal’s Award ‘ Hoosier Hillbillys.
Best band ‘ South Central.
Marching unit ‘ Floyd Central ROTC, first; Lanesville High School, second.
Float ‘ Jaycees, first; St. John’s Play House, second.
Antique vehicle (prior to 1940) ‘ 1927, Charlie Kamer.
Antique vehicle (1941 and older) ‘ Ford 8N tractor, Paul Bush and Donald Klein.
Equestrian unit ‘ Old Time Carriage.
Equestrian individual ‘ Rhonda Fields.
Religious ‘ New Life Christian Church.
Novelty ‘ Baby strollers.
Pedal Pull
Class A, 30 to 45 pounds ‘ Ashton Smith, Corydon, first; Kylee Weisheit, Jasper, second; Rylan Lamb, New Albany, third.
Class B, 46 to 60 pounds ‘ Connor Monroe, Corydon, first; Jarrett Batliner, Floyds Knobs, second; Jacob Gray, Pekin, third.
Class C, 61 to 75 pounds ‘ Cody Eurton, Pekin, first; Cody Monroe, Corydon, second; Jacbo Brewer, Louisville, third.
Class D, 76 to 100 pounds ‘ Thomas Gray, Pekin, first; Spencer Purcell, Corydon, second; Alexa Tuell, Georgetown, third.