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Birthday posters, other items ready for purchase

Birthday posters, other items ready for purchase Birthday posters, other items ready for purchase

September is approaching and usually, hopefully, I might add, means a breeze of cooler, fall air and along with it a feeling of seasonal excitement and plan making. The 200th Birthday Committee is beginning to gear up on 2008 with a couple of announcements that involve all of you!
A beautiful celebratory 200th Birthday poster is now ready and on display in several locations. There will be at least three differently framed copies for everyone to admire around town beginning with the copy already hanging in the Corydon Town Hall where you may purchase your own poster for $20.
The Old Capital is pictured, of course, but from an unusual angle on the northeast side which allows the background of North Capitol and the shops to be visible. A young boy is bicycling past with a lamp post, bench and the stone sidewalk all shown. The tone of the poster is just right with a comforting sweetness about small-town life, but resisting a sometimes heavy-handed, old-fashioned feeling. The balance is just right.
We must thank Larry Ordner for his organization and execution of this poster which was beautifully and carefully thought out on his part. He is living now in Edinburgh but continues to be a loyal and valuable asset in maintaining the history of Corydon. His lovely photography book, ‘A Place to Belong,’ chronicles changes in the scenery of Corydon and its citizens beginning in 1850 up until 1975. You may still acquire copies of this interesting book at the Corydon Town Hall.
I want to also remind everyone to pick up their Birthday pin for $3 at the town hall. Wear it along with the Birthday T-shirts which can be purchased at Butt Drugs.
Also, being readied for mailing and for handouts, is a Save the Date announcement that will line out 2008 with dates and a listing of events. Look for these all over town and pick one up. They are 6×8-inch postcards with the black background and logo on one side and the itinerary for 2008 on the other. In fact, pick up several and mail on to your relatives and friends from out of town who would be interested in planning their visits accordingly. Become a promotional volunteer yourself and talk it up with enthusiasm.
We want everyone to be fully aware and prepared for the Kick Off Ball in January and for everything that follows! Get your calendars marked.
Lastly, don’t forget that I am at the library on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 1 to 3 p.m. I am there to listen and laugh about whatever you remember, and I would love to write about it. Don’t hesitate to pop in!