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Candidates judged on pizza, furniture

Wow. I just spent almost 2-1/2 minutes studying a really neat New York Times graphic on campaign spending. The top-six candidates for the presidential nomination are shown in action speaking about … hum …. don’t know … but they sure LOOK like they are talking about an issue. Underneath each picture is a swell map of the U.S. with dots showing where all those millions we’ve been hearing so much about are being spent.
I am very worried about the campaign of John McCain. He hasn’t many dots at all, and they have him posed with his index finger to his temple like he is perplexed and frustrated, which he very well should be. He is the only man with no tie and he looks slightly disheveled and not put together like the others. The media has decided that he is not a factor anymore and they have zapped his dignity with this picture. Totally calculated.
Now for the opposite take on things. Barack Obama is casually waving at the crowd with a nice suit and tie and a friendly expression. He isn’t shown posed for speech. This picture says I am confident, relaxed and real. OOOOoooo, he has LOTS of dots, too. His money is being raised in small increments such as key chain sales and bake sales. The media makes a huge deal out of this. Actually, it is bordering on condescending, and they would probably love it if he stood on a corner with a cup and a cardboard sign.
Hillary Clinton has on, I assume as I can’t see the whole thing, the ‘Letterman pantsuit’ and is speaking to a crowd. This picture exemplifies for me her whole campaign. Even the media can’t make it interesting somehow and I KNOW they are trying. It says absolutely nothing about her except that she is status quo and has a lot of money coming in.
Hum … Mitt Romney. I may be picking at straws here, but he is the only one shown facing to the right and looking up. All the rest are left or slightly posed to the left. Romney has on a bright red tie and no jacket. Eye catching and bright. He is good to go! He is a lean, clean, fighting machine. He has spent a huge amount of money compared to the others at this point in the campaign and it generally seems to be on advertising.
John Edwards is posed with both palms facing outward in a dampening down motion. He seems to be saying with his body language ‘Now hold on here. Calm down.’ His money is average, not embarrassing, but I always get the feeling with Edwards that the media doesn’t know what to make of him.
Rudy Giuliani is the hardest for me to glean any thoughts from his picture. He is the only one facing even slightly straightforward. His campaign seems retro somehow and based on his past glories. His campaign money chest is middle of the road and expenditures are very balanced compared to the rest. I find myself wondering why he is running at all for President of the United States.
The interesting aspect of all this conjecture on my part is that I have no comment to make about ANY issue that is on the agenda. This campaign is all about who has the most money and where they spend it. We will elect our President in 2008 by checking charts and graphics about fund-raising. I can’t vote for someone who can’t even raise $30 million dollars, for crying out loud!
This campaign has started too soon, as we all know, and the media has to tread water until the sink or swim part of the whole process gets started. No one running for office these days wants to be caught saying anything real. That is the part of being a politician that gets you in trouble. So why not turn all the hype away from all the rather daunting issues of the day and discuss important stuff like who spends the most for coffee and pizza.
I make no apologies for my coffee, and Obama has it all over his competitors in his spending at Starbucks. That is a good thing. According to these graphics, he also spends more for pizza which is a very good indication of his being compatible with my vote. Hey, who needs to think about the next U.S. son or Iraqi daughter getting killed, when I can know so easily which of our great potential leaders likes IKEA furniture in their campaign offices.