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S. Harrison plan addresses ‘lacking’ areas regarding AYP

Assistant Supt. Jeff Hauswald gave an impassioned presentation to the South Harrison Community School Corp. Board of School Trustees July 10 as he outlined portions of the South Harrison District School Plan.
Hauswald, who at times resembled a teppanyaki chef with his constant hand motions, said the plan presents an opportunity for the corporation to get better in several areas where it may have been lacking in the past.
‘How do we plan to improve in the sub-groups where we don’t meet AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)? That’s the question that we’ve asked since we found out our scores weren’t where we wanted or needed them to be,’ Hauswald said.
In April, South Harrison found out it was one of 886 schools in the state that failed to meet federal standards.
To make AYP, all student demographic groups within a school must pass state tests or show significant improvement toward passing. If any one area does not improve, the entire school is labeled as failing to meet AYP.
South Harrison met standards in 16 of 17 categories, missing only in performance English for its special-education students.
‘This is an opportunity for the district to identify through solid data specific areas of need. From this, we will set goals for specific populations of students and then create a system by which we will measure this improvement,’ Hauswald said. ‘Although the creation of the plan is a requirement from the Indiana Dept. of Education, it holds exciting potential as everyone within our district collectively begins to analyze where we are in terms of who we are teaching, what we are teaching, and how we are teaching and how we make intentional decisions with the overall goal of improving every individual student’s academic progress.
‘The exciting thing is we have a great set of administrators and fantastic teachers who accomplish great things on a daily basis. I have complete faith in them to lead the efforts for meeting this challenge.’
As part of the plan, the corporation will look at how it differentiates instruction to meet individual student needs, how teachers work together collaboratively to improve instruction, what the current written curriculum consists of, and how it aligns to the Indiana State Academic Standards and to identified school goals, and look at lesson plans and use them as an ultimate data source to better understand what the schools are teaching and how it helps its students improve, Hauswald added.
South Harrison Supt. Neyland Clark said that after teaching, the plan is the second-most important goal for the upcoming school year.
‘We have to recognize the culture, then nurture the culture to get the most bang for our efforts,’ Clark said. ‘A lot of eyes in the state are on us.’
In other matters, Carolyn Wallace, the district’s director of business operations, reported that the Corydon Central Junior-Senior High School renovation project came in under budget and that the leftover funds would be used for paving.
Wallace also announced that bids for an air-conditioning overhaul for the high school gymnasium would open in August.
Because the project will exceed $150,000, the corporation must have a common wage hearing. She estimated the cost to be somewhere between $175,000 to $200,000.
James L. Shireman Construction in Corydon was awarded a bid for $43,100 for improvements around the athletic fields behind the Corydon campus. The project addresses flooding issues with CCJHS and provides improved access with sidewalks and handrails to the newly constructed band practice and soccer field areas.
The board took bids for milk, bread, gas, diesel and propane under advisement.
Also during the meeting, the board approved several personnel recommendations. They were, by buildings:
Corporation ‘ Resignation of Jolinda Jones (school nurse) and employment of Jones for 15 hours per week (first semester only); Caren Johnson (science teacher) at Corydon Central Junior and Senior High schools. Also accepted a new corporation bus route to transport children from the Corydon area to CHOICE school(s).
Harrison County Exceptional Learners Cooperative ‘ Hiring of Gary Stallings (instructional assistant).
Corydon Central High School ‘ Hiring of jayvee baseball coach Michael Stark, assistant football coaches Chris Baelz, Kevin Burton and Jeff Durham, varsity boys soccer coach Jeff Salomon, boys assistant soccer coach Samuel Klinefelter, assistant girls tennis coach John Buschemeyer, varsity cheer coach Elizabeth Tuell, boys varsity track coach Kerry Zimmerman, assistant girls track coach Jeff Adams, secretary Michelle Rogers, and resignations of Laura Shireman (girls jayvee basketball coach) and Amanda Stickler (instructional assistant).
Corydon Central Junior High School ‘ Hiring of junior high cross country coach Derrick Singleton, seventh-grade girls volleyball coach Brittany Shewmaker, eighth-grade girls volleyball coach Cheryl Burton, seventh-grade boys basketball coach Tim Dunaway, eighth-grade boys basketball coach Mike Biddle, seventh-grade girls basketball coach Les Smith, junior high girls track coach Greg Robinson and junior high cheer coach Kim Wiseman.
Corydon Elementary School ‘ Resignation of Laura Shireman (physical education).
Corydon Intermediate School ‘ Hiring of fifth-grade boys basketball coach Michael Wiseman, fifth-grade girls basketball coach Daniel Waynescott and Tammy Miller (instructional assistant).
Heth-Washington Elementary School ‘ Transfer of Amanda Carver (elementary teacher) and fifth-grade girls basketball coach Scott Taylor.
New Middletown Elementary School ‘ Hiring of 1/2 cheer sponsor Shawn Huffman and resignation of Thelma Fields (extended school day teacher).
South Central Elementary School ‘ Hiring of sixth-grade boys basketball coach Paul Gannon.
South Central Junior-Senior High School ‘ Hiring of guidance counselor Terri Elliott, junior varsity boys basketball coach Sam Mercer, eighth-grade girls basketball coach Jeff Pease, seventh-grade boys basketball coach Bill Weatherford, eighth-grade boys basketball coach Troy Lewis, varsity cheerleading coach Sarah Funk, junior high cheerleading coach Missi Miller, alternative classroom instructor Teresa Sherrard and resignation of Rick Graves (National Honor Society sponsor).