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Calling all beginners: Par-3 opens at Old Capital

Calling all beginners: Par-3 opens at Old Capital
Calling all beginners: Par-3 opens at Old Capital
Old Capital Golf Club opened its three-hole, par-3 course Saturday. The course offers different yardages and elevations for both beginner and experienced golfers. (Photo by Ross Schulz)

Old Capital Golf Club has added a new addition to its championship course. The Corydon club celebrated the grand opening of its par-three course on Saturday.
The course includes a new lake, waterfall and three holes located in the southeast corner of the golf course property. Distances range from 60 to 140 yards and includes three sets of tees.
‘I was playing last October, and probably hit a ball way back in this corner,’ said club owner Doug Breeden as he talked about the idea for the course, ‘and we agreed about what this land could be.’
It was not easy to build on this property, which included a large sinkhole where the lake is now. Numerous trees had to be removed from the area, and the maintenance staff had to work extra hard to prepare the course for opening.
‘It is tough to grow grass this time of year,’ said grounds superintendent Andy Rideout, who added that his staff will keep maintenance at a high level in the small area of the par-three course.
The main focus of this addition to the Old Capital Golf Club is for beginners and children, with an ‘easy route’ of fairway available on each hole.
‘One thing I have noticed about Hoosiers is they are great about taking care of the next generation,’ said Breeden.
This course will help children prepare their game for the big course.
‘I also wanted to build a course where good players, like Kevin (Nash), can enjoy it and have fun,’ Breeden said. ‘I hope this brings more people to the game and adds to the enjoyment of others.’
Kevin Nash, general manager, spoke of the usefulness of the course for more seasoned players.
‘It can be used to hone in and to work on your short game,’ he said.
Matthew Bruce, a member of the North Harrison High School golf team, said he looks forward to using the facility.
‘It’s the only par-three course of its type in the area,’ he said.
Following refreshments, Breeden hit the first shot on the par-three course, hitting it just over the green. Then, many kids and members played the course for the first time.
Breeden said bigger and better things are in store for Old Capital. He said he envisions condominiums on the hillside by the par-three course entering from the back entrance. Another six par-three holes are in the works as well. And, Breeden spoke of building a new clubhouse in the near future and his goal of redoing the front entrance, possibly putting in a new bridge.
The course is free for members, $3 for kids under 12, $5 for kids 13 to 18, and $8 for adults. Cart prices are the same as normal nine-hole rates, but players are encouraged to walk to course. The course opened to the public Sunday.
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