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Wallet, and $1,500, finds way back to grateful owner

What would you do if you found several $100 bills scattered about your front yard?
It might be easy to pocket the money if you didn’t know where it came from.
But what would you do if you located a man’s wallet that contains identification, as well as pictures of his family and other items that most of us carry with us?
Jake Gunther can tell you what he’d do. He has first-hand experience at this sort of thing.
The 2005 graduate of Corydon Central High School arrived home from work one evening and walked out in his yard to look at the remains of a tree he had recently cut down.
What he saw was totally unexpected. He found a $20 bill, then another $20, and a row of $100 bills in his front yard. He then found a driver’s license and credit card, as well as two pictures of children.
‘I guess a dog had gotten a hold of the wallet and brought it to my yard,’ said Gunther, who works at Thermo King of Indiana.
So the young man called his mom, Jolene Gunther of Corydon, to see what he should do. Upon her recommendation, he called the police and then took the wallet to them.
Now, for the other side of the story …
The owner of the wallet, Seth Olson had flown from Denver to Louisville on Monday night, June 4.
A Corydon native, Olson, 32, recently found a job in Denver. After working there for three months, he found a place for his family to live and was returning to Harrison County to move them to Colorado to their new home. A friend of Olson’s had picked him up at the airport. On their way home, they made one stop, at the Lanesville exit, before arriving in Corydon.
The next morning Olson’s wife, Tawnie, asked him for some cash to go to the store. Olson’s wallet was nowhere to be found.
Olson called his mom, Angela Wolfe, for advice. (Sound familiar?)
‘I told him to think of everything he had done and back track it,’ said Wolfe.
Most of the day was spent searching for the wallet. Olson went back to the Lanesville exit, searched the highway, and called Louisville International Airport and the license branch (another place he had been). With no luck at any of those places, he finally called the police.
‘We were so upset,’ said his mother. ‘We didn’t know what we were going to do.’
Among the things in the missing wallet was a company gas credit card, Olson’s driver’s license and more than $1,000 cash he needed to pay for the rental truck he was going to get to move his family to Denver. Not only would it have been hard to replace the cash set aside to rent the truck, Olson needed his driver’s license in order to complete the transaction.
Later that evening, as it began to look like the wallet and its contents were gone forever, Olson received a phone call from the police department. Someone had turned in Olson’s wallet.
But better yet, the person turned in the driver’s license, credit card and $1,552!
‘It was an answered prayer,’ said Wolfe.
The police gave Olson the name of the person who had found everything.
(Here’s the interesting part of the story.)
Gunther, the man who found the cash scattered on his lawn, works with Olson’s mother at Thermo King.
‘Jake does a great job (at work),’ said Wolfe. ‘Everybody loves him!’
Gunther was surprised to learn that the person he had done a good deed for was the son of his co-worker.
‘This is a story my family will not soon forget,’ Wolfe said. ‘This young man’s integrity and values have indeed blessed my son and all who know him.’
The moral of the story is, you never know who you will affect with your actions. It pays to do the right thing.