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Get those dancing shoes ready for ‘Dancing Through the Decades’

Get those dancing shoes ready for ‘Dancing Through the Decades’ Get those dancing shoes ready for ‘Dancing Through the Decades’

All you dancers out there need a heads up on the upcoming birthday ball which has been christened ‘Dancing Through the Decades.’ This kick-off event will be in late January 2008 and will include prizes for the best dancing and best costuming. Of course, I can’t emphasize enough that this is all optional for those who like this kind of thing and need some lead time for preparation. You do not have to dress in any certain way and you will not HAVE to dance. Being a good audience is just as important!
If you are a good swing couple, then Big Band style will be your thing. You can represent the War years with your outfit and dance. There is nothing as beautiful as an elegant waltz, and the dresses and suits for that could be beautiful. The Twist? Enough said on that one. Look out for the bell bottoms! Cloggers? Square dancers? Contra? Yes, even Disco will be acknowledged and performed. We will have judges who will, all in good fun, award all deserving participants with recognition in all kinds of categories. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ will have nothing over the Corydon birthday ball.
We are gearing up for organizing the extensive group of volunteers who will help with this event so be thinking how you can fit in as to food, decorating, clean up, greeting and promoting. An event at the beginning of September for a quick meal and discussion of all the plans is in the works for Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. at the Leora Brown School. We need organized groups and clubs to take on aspects of the ball such as shuttling and parking. Valet parking is planned. Would your club be interested in taking on decoration? Helping serve food? Overseeing displays and creating exhibits?
Let any member of the organizing committee know that you would like to help, and we will start compiling a list of volunteers and see that you get a reminder for Sept. 7. The committee is as follows: Fred Cammack, Charlie Lynch, Jim Epperson, Katie Butt Beckort, Jan Frederick, Callie Zimmerman, Sam Eckart, Pam Bennett Martin, Leah Porter, Gordon Pendleton, Shirley Gibson, Bud Bennett, Mark Wiseman and Larry Ordner.
Also, don’t forget that I am at the Harrison County Public Library in Corydon every first and third Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. to listen and record all the beautiful and important memories of family, church, farm, sport and business that we all carry with us. All this needs to be shared.