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Relay finds a way to set record

Somehow, the Relay for Life of Harrison County always seems to find a way.
From its relatively humble beginning in 1998, when 10 teams raised a total of $11,000, RFL continues to find ways to outdo itself.
The second year, Relay brought in 15 teams and raised $15,000 for the American Cancer Society. The next year, the amount raised more than doubled to $41,000. Then it almost doubled again with a grand total of $80,000.
In 2006, the local chapter brought in $105,000.
‘(Co-chair Dennis Thomas) and I got together last fall and decided that since we were hitting $100,000 and $110,000 with just teams raising money, if we were ever going to break those barriers, we had to start doing something as a committee,’ co-chair Doug Robson said last week. ‘That’s when we starting doing fund-raisers like donkey basketball and the golf outing up at Valley View.’
Again, they found a way.
This year, with 42 teams on hand and thousands of charitable contributors across the county, Relay raised a whopping $125,000.
The RFL Web site says the event continues to be much more than a walk around a track. It is a time to remember those lost to cancer and celebrate those who have survived. It is a night for people who have shared the same experience to comfort and console one another.
True on all accounts.
Thanks to the volunteers and supporters at all of the Relay events this year.
That includes the Corydon Moose Lodge, which had so many chicken halves cooking underneath the Harrison County Fairground’s grandstands that Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Dept. was dispatched because someone thought the place was on fire when a brief rain shower held down the smoke.
It includes the band BALLISTIX, which provided a musical pick-me-up late into Friday night.
There’s the RFL committee members ‘ Sarah Turpin, Linda Brown, Laurie Dunaway, Tammy Moore, Carol Lichtey, Kim Frederick, Greg Milby, Sherry Watson, Brenda Uhl, Stacy Zehnder, Donn Blank, Sherri Bulleit, Lori Brockman, Katie Wright, Kelly Morgan, Chris and Julie Timberlake, Donna Whelan, Connie Richard, Lisa Taylor, Paula Albin, Patty Gregory, Lynn Whittaker and ACS representative Brad Ward ‘ for the time and effort that went into staging the two-day event.
And it includes Josey Kintner, this year’s speaker and a cancer survivor, who delivered a moving message and exuded her love of life.
And also includes the families of former speakers Kent Watson and Susan Goldman, both who have since succumbed to cancer, for the establishment of memorial scholarships in their loved ones’ honor.
And, if not mostly importantly, it includes the cancer survivors and caregivers for their backbone and grit.
If you supported Relay for Life, thank you, too. And remember, that as long as cancer is still around, as long as the disease continues to afflict more than one million people each year, and as long as the disease takes loved ones far too soon, we need to continue to be involved to defeat cancer.
God willing, we’ll find a way.