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Animal control officer begins recovery at home

Mike Gentry, Harrison County’s animal control officer, was released from the hospital about two weeks ago to begin his recovery at home after being seriously injured in a car crash in April.
Gentry, of Mauckport, sustained a broken pelvis and wrist, and suffered damage to his left eye in the crash that occurred on Union Chapel Road south of Corydon when his vehicle and an oncoming car collided head-on at a hillcrest.
Gentry’s wife, Lisa, and the driver of the other vehicle, were also injured in the crash but less severe.
Although he’s been released from the hospital, Gentry said he will spend about five more weeks in a wheelchair before beginning rehabilitation related to walking. He has had the pins removed from his hand and started rehab for that. He said he may never regain the use of his little finger, though. He has had plastic surgery on his eye.
Gentry was hired as the animal control officer in 2005. He said his savings have been depleted since the crash, but, ‘I’m here. That’s the main thing.’
He sees a speech therapist and will also see a neurologist.
Concerned about the animal control facility, Gentry is asking for residents to continue to make donations.
Funds are low, he said, and donations help support the spay-neuter program.
David Simon, Harrison County’s maintenance supervisor, is overseeing the animal control facility in Gentry’s absence.