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Koetter awarded bid for Heth-Washington school project

Sealed bids for the Heth-Washington Elementary School renovation project were opened at last Tuesday’s meeting of the South Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees.
Then, yesterday morning, in a two-minute-long meeting, it was announced that the Koetter Group of Floyds Knobs was awarded the contract for the work with a bid of $1,271,000.
The motion passed unanimously, 4-0, with board members Joyce Bliss, Dr. John Gonzaba and Jeffery L. Brown, board president, not present.
‘After the paperwork is filed, I would expect the work to begin in probably three to four weeks,’ said Supt. Neyland Clark. ‘Obviously the sooner, the better with school being out.’
A new parking area and four classrooms will be added to accommodate future growth. In addition, the school gets separate music and art rooms, which were being shared due to a lack of space. The parking lot, which will have an additional 35 spaces, will be northwest of the new classrooms and will connect with the playground.
The Koetter Group did the original expansion of Heth-Washington in 2001 at a cost of $3.6 million. It recently completed a $10.7 million project with South Harrison schools, and it worked on the New Middletown Elementary School project in 2000.
‘That’s an added bonus for us,’ Clark said. ‘They are already familiar with what’s on site.’
Only four companies, including Koetter, submitted bids for the project, ranging from the $1.27 million that was awarded, to a high of $1.43 million.
In another matter last week, retiring woodworking instructor Randy Coleman made a final plea to the school board to fill his former position. He pointed out that the school could recoup some of the finances of hiring another instructor from the state.
‘The first thing I heard was that there weren’t enough (students) taking the class. Then I heard it was a money issue. Now, it’s because the school wants to offer a new technology program,’ Coleman said. ‘I’m urging the school board to fill my position.’
The board responded by recommending to post a 2/7 industrial technology position (with occupational specialty in furniture and cabinetmaking). The instructor would teach two periods during the school day.
Also last week, Carolyn Wallace, the district’s director of business operations, said the standards for the lights at the baseball and softball fields at Corydon Central were ‘en route.’
The board also approved several personnel recommendations last week. They were, by school buildings:
Harrison County Exceptional Learners Cooperative ‘ Accepted hiring of Cherie Hofmann (homebound instruction for student at South Central Junior-Senior High School) and Jan Anderson (homebound instruction for student at Corydon Central High School).
Corydon Central High ‘ Accepted resignation of Georgia South (varsity cheer sponsor), hiring of Karen Feller (custodian), Deborah Rosenbarger (custodian), acceptance of volunteers Kim Briscoe (summer softball and volleyball camps), Jason Timberlake (football summer supervisor), Larry Ragland (girls basketball summer camp) and Jamie Kolkmeier (boys basketball summer camp).
Corydon Central Junior High ‘ Accepted transfer of Rick Graves (counselor) and resignation of Alice McCollum (special education instructional assistant).
Corydon Elementary ‘ Accepted hiring of Dawn Martin (elementary teacher), Kirstie Kellems (essential skills teacher), transfer of Kim Rowe (special education teacher) and resignation of Melody Pena (prime time instructional assistant).
Heth-Washington Elementary ‘ Accepted hiring of Jennifer Wiseman (elementary teacher), Mary Ann Kirk (library instructional assistant), Angela Schmelz (special education assistant), Holly Lindemann (fifth and sixth grade boys basketball coach), and resignation of Missy Wiseman (elementary cheer coach) and Daniel Waynescott (fifth grade girls basketball coach).
New Middletown Elementary ‘ Accepted resignation of Marcia John (1/2 cheer sponsor).
South Central Elementary ‘ Accepted hiring of Michael Rhoads (elementary teacher), Bobbi Patee (special education teacher), Sheila DeWeese (fifth grade girls basketball coach), Jennifer Soots (sixth grade girls basketball coach) and April Fraze (cheerleading coach).
South Central Junior-Senior High ‘ Accepted hiring of summer boys basketball coach Rob Murawski and termination of Melanie Henderson.