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Support for Run for the Wall group appreciated

When you invite people to something, you never know who’s going to come.
And if it’s an occasion you’ve planned to honor someone else, you hope people show up. It would be disappointing if no one came. Such was the case recently when the invitation was extended for everyone to come to downtown Corydon to welcome the motorcyclists who were stopping here May 22 on their way to Washington, D.C., as part of the annual Run for the Wall trip.
What a welcome they received!
Considering the relatively short notice, it was wonderful that so many of you responded by taking time out of your busy lives to show support for these visitors ‘ strangers probably to all of us here in Harrison County.
Many of you arrived earlier than the requested time and the group arrived later than anticipated, but yet you waited. (The beautiful weather might have also enticed you to spend some extra time outdoors.)
Both sides of a two-block stretch of North Capitol Avenue were lined with spectators, many waving small American flags that were purchased and distributed by the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau. (By the way, CVB, that was a great idea. Thanks for thinking of it.) Others brought their own flags or other patriotic items, including an afghan made to resemble the American flag.
The motorcyclists, some from as far away as California, seemed very appreciative of their reception. Some took the time to meet with some of the onlookers. Members of Cub Scout Park 22 thought it was ‘one of the cooliest things’ when Rick Fischer and Scot Rieble sat on the steps of the Harrison County Public Library to visit with them for a few minutes.
Linda McKim Powers from the Corydon Hampton Inn, where many of the visitors stayed the night, has said that they are among the best lodgers she has every year. Those who don’t mind roughing it sleep at the Harrison County Fairgrounds. That’s also where they were fed supper which was prepared by the Corydon Moose Lodge members. I’m sure the homecooked meal was very much appreciated.
It’s this kind of spirit and generosity that makes this a great community. Thank you for being a part of it.