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Out of the mouths of leaders: Amazing disgrace

‘There’s got to be some advantage to being a superpower.’ Richard Perle, a neocon advocate of taking out the Iranian government, said this on the ‘America at a Crossroads’ series on PBS. He sounds frustrated. Honestly, what a goofball remark! I continue to be surprised at the junk that comes out of the mouths of this country’s leaders and policy makers. It comes as a surprise to him that leadership isn’t as much fun as he thought it might be? Good grief.
Can he be so shallow as to think that leadership is about entitlement or that we ‘deserve’ to exert our will arbitrarily simply because we have it? He probably thinks he can cut line at The Cheesecake Factory, too.
This guy needs to rise to the level of his name. Pearls are worn by the classy woman who knows she has power or money or family reputation and doesn’t need to flaunt it crudely or even at all. Take Queen Elizabeth II for example. She qualifies as having all three in one package. I have seen her wearing pearls on many occasions, but can only remember one time she over-accessorized. All those jewel-encrusted crowns and garments during her coronation may have been just a tad ostentacious, don’t ya’ think? At least I have never heard the Queen say, ‘There’s got to be some advantage to being Queen of England!’ as she stomped her non-bejeweled foot while on TV.
But getting back to the uncultured Perles of our world. Another of his buddies in global domination is Paul Wolfowitz. Here is a self-satisfied arrogant individual who when made head of the World Bank realized his girlfriend needed to be transferred because of a conflict of interest. Saying to himself, ‘There’s got to be some advantage to running this place,’ he moved Shala to the state department and gave her a hefty salary increase. Tut, tut, and tacky Mr. Wolfowitz.
In all fairness to Paul and Shala and their relationship problems, there are ‘some’ or even ‘those’ that say he is getting a bum rap. But just like Katie Couric, I have read about ‘others’ who disagree. Ms. Couric, whose pearly whites are all in her mouth, exhibited absolutely no class in her interview with John Edwards and his wife. She was silly with her ridiculous questions and based most of her thinking on those mysterious humans called ‘they’ ‘those’ and ‘others.’ (See the Ungar report of two weeks ago on NPR.)
Couric, along with Don Imus, and Mel Gibson, feel that their fan base and celebrity status entitles them to say and act in any old rude and mean way they please. Ann Coulter should be wearing a pearl choker. Class? They never heard of the word.
We’ve elected some pretty crude individuals. They may have education and money, which to them means power and influence, but they seem to have no clue that all of this should not be waved liked the flag. There is not a subtle bone in any of their bodies. A classy person is ‘real’ in the sense that they are alive to the yin and yang, and then use power and influence in ways you never even notice.
Sadly, bad leadership follows the trickle-down theory, too, and sets a very low bar for the rest of us to rise to. I mean, seeing Karl Rove dancing like a nerd at a Washington function while Iraq burns, and listening to John McCain’s misguided singing of ‘Barbara Ann’ that is all for dropping some bombs on Iran, really doesn’t inspire a Gandhi-like mentality.
We have gifted our leaders in all venues with our trust, money, admiration, even adoration, and our beloved democratic vote. It is sort of like casting pearls before swine, don’t you think?