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Theater doubles capacity, adds party room

Movie-goers may more than double their pleasure with the additional capacity at the Corydon Cinemas, 2020 Edsel Lane, Corydon.
More than 400 people, mostly teenagers, turned out for the midnight showing of ‘Spiderman 3’ on April 28.
‘That’s the most we’ve had at one time; of course, we can now accommodate more,’ said theater owner Christopher Byrd, a Corydon lawyer.
With three new screens ‘ one with 270 seating capacity, one with 180 and another with 170, the theater has more than doubled its former seating capacity, Byrd said. Previously, the four existing rooms accommodated 220 patrons, or 150, 120 and 80 in the others.
‘I hope with the new screens that we will be able to bring in more movies and a better variety,’ he said.
He added: ‘We’re still limited by the number of prints’ that are made by a movie producer; ‘there must be 2,500 made before it will hit our market.’
The size of the theater, which formerly had just four screens, has increased by 15,000 square feet, he said. There are new rest rooms and a party room where a birthday celebration can be topped off with a trip (down the hall) to see a movie.
The parking lot has also been expanded, Byrd said.
The theater will continue to show an occasional R-rated film, but those are not popular with moviegoers here, Byrd said. ‘Traditionally, we have not done well with R-rated movies.’
Although there have been some complaints about not being able to read the movie titles on the marquee from S.R. 135, Byrd said enlarging the size is cost prohibitive.
He declined to disclose the amount of investment in the theaters, but said with a laugh, ‘I will be in debt for a long, long time.’
Ticket prices have not increased. They remain at $7 for adults and $5 for children and senior citizens.
Beginning June 6, Wednesday’s free movies will be shown at 10 a.m. ‘We do it every summer while the kids are out of school,’ Byrd said.
‘But you don’t have to be a kid; the movie is free to anybody.’
The free showings end on Aug. 1.