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A look back brings forward thinking

Since last week marked my last week as a full-time reporter for The Corydon Democrat, I was asked to write a column reflecting on my last seven months covering various events in the county. I have taken a job working at AIG in Louisville.
However, I’m not the best at reflecting. I like to look forward, not backward, which will definitely be good on those long commutes into the city. So as I’m looking down the road, here are some things I hope to see:
I wish people would understand that I’m a journalist. I will always be one and with that comes a freakishly weird sort of moral compass. If I don’t like something and think that it is bad, I’m going to say it is bad. I’m not going to fluff it up or lie no matter the event, especially if someone is paying money to attend. It would be wrong to do otherwise. I know this is a difficult concept for some to understand. However, I’m not a politician or Harrison County’s director of public relations.
I hope the county becomes wiser and starts investing more money in the schools. Yes, a community college is a good idea. However, if we don’t have a strong, fully funded programs in our K-12 schools, colleges won’t matter. No one from the county will be attending them. If the county wants growth, strong school systems would attract businesses and people. The schools are already good, so keep them going. The kids are the future of the county, so educate them.
I would like people who bag my items in stores to stop placing one item in each bag. The bags are perfectly good enough to hold several things. Furthermore, don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I tell you I don’t need a bag. I’m perfectly capable of carrying a single box of frozen fish sticks, three yogurt cups and a gallon of orange juice out to my car, bagless, and putting them in my front seat. I carried them around the store that way, I think I can make it to the car with them.
I would like a state legislature that has the guts to raise the salaries of Hoosiers instead of relying on Congress to do so; one that would raise the minimum wage before raising their own salaries would be even better. I realize the legislature works hard. However, some of the Senate members will get a raise twice this year, while Hoosiers are still waiting for the first one in a long time.
I want Harry to still be alive at the end of the seventh Harry Potter book, yet I also think he needs to die. I wish I could have both. I also wish my sister would not roll her eyes at me every time I try to discuss a new Harry theory. I’m still crossing my fingers for a good Professor Snape.
I would really like for President Bush to get a clue and a brain. He’s out of touch with Americans and doesn’t look like he’s going to come to this realization anytime soon. We need a president who is going to work for us, not against us, and one who is willing to accept that he or she is ‘ or could be ‘ wrong.
Speaking of leaders, I’d like a non-corporate governor and the ‘For Sale’ sign on Indiana to be taken down.
I’d like the North Harrison school board members to come to their senses. They still have plenty of time. Supt. Monty Schneider doesn’t leave until the end of June. By not keeping him, they are only hurting the students.
It would be a nice present next year if my New York Giants would win the Super Bowl. Yes, I’m a diehard. And yes, they are mine.
I hope Leslie Robertson and Rhonda Rhoads stay on the Harrison County Council. They are not afraid to ask questions, which is good for any leader. However, I’m not allowed to give anymore intelligence awards so that’s all I can really say (and no, I’m not saying the rest of the council is less than intelligent).
I hope the Corydon Cinemas gets some non-PG and non-PG-13 movies. There are adults who live in the county, you know, and now there are seven theaters. Kudos, though, on playing Spiderman 3 at midnight.
I wish people would see others as simply people and stop using labels. Those include but shouldn’t be limited to: Republican, Muslim, White, Female, Jock, Democrat, Jew, Christian, Terrorist, Black, Lesbian, Arab, Male, Islamic, Geek, Liberal, Gay and Hispanic.
Furthermore, I’m hoping for more rainbows; more adoptions at the Harrison County Animal Control Facility; more diversity and acceptance of the unusual; snow this winter; more gum from Pete Schickel; more people who slow for children who are playing and squirrels; more people who pull over for emergency vehicles and actually stop; and, finally, I hope I have many more chances to write. Despite leaving the newspaper, I don’t intend to stop writing, ever.