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Corydon, BC dominate NH track meet

It was a night of black and red as the Corydon Central Panthers and Brownstown Lady Braves dominated the North Harrison Invitational track meet Friday night.
It was the first big meet after many weather cancellations thus far this season. Many teams were looking to find out where they were at amongst both conference and sectional opponents.
‘It’s a real important meet,’ said Corydon’s Kyle White. ‘Right now it’s about halfway through the season. You’ve got a lot of teams from the conference here and a lot of sectional teams here. You get to see what you’re going to be going up against at the end of the season and gauge yourself.’
‘I’ll admit I was nervous to see how it was going to play out,’ said Corydon coach Kerry Zimmerman. ‘The only dual meets we’ve had are Jeff, New Albany and Floyd. We’ve felt a pretty stiff push. This is the first meet we’ve had schools our size to see how we were, and I was looking forward to it.’
In the field events, it looked the event to watch was going to be the girls high jump with Corydon’s Meghan Bussabarger and Gretchen Zimmerman and North Harrison’s Ramona Taylor all seeded first at 5 feet. When the event started, however, it was evident that Taylor, who admitted to being nervous before the meet, was going to struggle missing her first attempt at 4 feet, 6 inches. Taylor made the height on her next attempt and then cleared 4-8, but the freshman fell out of contention at the next height at 4-10.
‘She was tight,’ said North Harrison assistant coach Travis Beals. ‘It was her first taste of some competition, even though we haven’t seen a lot of what the other jumpers are going to do yet. Sometimes being nervous helps her but sometimes it hurts her. This is actually the first meet I’ve seen where it’s not helped her at all. Usually when she gets nervous, she gets excited and does pretty well. She gets a good pop off the ground.’
Zimmerman cleared the next height at 4-10 but then faltered at 5 feet even. Bussabarger easily sailed over that height then had to go run the 100-meter hurdle trials. When she returned, she easily sailed over both 5-2 and 5 feet, 4 inches. Bussabarger made three attempts at 5-5 but knocked the bar down all three times.
‘I’ve done bad the last couple of weeks,’ Bussabarger said. ‘I haven’t even got five foot at a couple of meets. I decided just to put my foot down and do good … I was very happy to get 5-4. I didn’t think I’d get it. I was disappointed because I didn’t get 5-5, but I can look forward to getting it sooner.’
Crawford saw the first of two school records fall in the girls 3,200-meter relay. Lead-off runner Ashley Satterfield kept the Lady Pack in the top three through the first leg, then Renee Darland moved Crawford into second during the next 800 meters. Morgan Kenner then pushed the team ahead of Brownstown’s Brianna Toppe and to a five-meter lead. Junior Lauren Schaftlein kept a comfortable lead over Lady Brave anchor Kassie Kovert to give Crawford the win and a new record of 10 minutes, 28 seconds.
Corydon had a 1-2 sweep in the 110-meter high hurdles. Matt Karnes admitted to not being much of a talker but made a lot of noise as he held off teammate Kyle White by just half a step to get the top spot with Salem’s Craig Richle finishing third. Karnes finished with a time of 16.03 seconds.
‘In the trials, when I beat everybody, me and Kyle said, ‘I think we can get 1-2,’ ‘ said Karnes of the race. ‘We just went back and did our race. We can help each other with our forms. It makes us run better … It helps my confidence so I can go farther.’
‘I’ve had a little trouble this year but last year me and Matt was pushing each other throughout the race in the 110s,’ White said. ‘I think now I’m getting back to where it really helps for the team, where you get to make strides. It helps us out more as a team.’
North Harrison’s Tyler Byrne had dominated the 1,600-meter run in his previous meets, but on this day he had to push a little harder to stay with Brownstown’s Mark Crossman. Byrne made a push to lead with about 200 meters to go but Crossman’s final kick was too much and Byrne had to settle for second.
‘I’m glad we’ve got the competition because this is helping me improving my times and giving me a good workout,’ said Byrne after the race. ‘That last lap I was in second and a little bit before the start of the (last) 200) I tried to take off. I passed him for a second then he passed me back and had a big finish. I gave it all I could to try to pass him but he got me.’
White came back later to easily win the 300m intermediate hurdles. White’s time was 42.15 seconds, almost two seconds ahead of runner-up Craig Richle.
‘I got over my first two hurdles and I was doing pretty good,’ White said. ‘Coach Zimmerman yelled at me, ‘You’re in your rhythm,’ and I started feeling it in between hurdles at the pace I wanted to get. I just kept attacking. That’s what I kept in my mind, just keep attacking the hurdle. Then I got to the finish and gave it all I got left. When you get to that point where you start wearing down, you’ve just got to grit your teeth and keep going through it.’
Crawford’s second school record of the night came in the girls 800-meter run. Lauren Schaftein paced herself behind Brownstown’s Kassie Kovert through the first lap then made a move to get in front with just over 200 meters to go. Kovert began her kick at that point, and Schaftlein couldn’t keep up but still finished in a time of 2 minutes, 26 seconds, a new record by a full second.
Tyler Byrne may have not been able to get by Crossman in the 1,600 meters but ran away from the Brownstown runner in the 3,200-meter run later in the meet. Byrne finished the race in a time of 10 minutes, 6.9 seconds while Crossman was well back at 10:24.03.
‘I kept pretty much the same pace the whole time,’ Byrne said. ‘I think my last two laps was a little quicker. It felt better than the mile. I got a lot better start. In the mile, I got boxed in. I got up front the second lap and just stayed there.’
Zimmerman said one of the keys to his team win was the relays, especially with his freshmen.
‘We spent a lot of time on our freshmen relays, which in this meet is a big thing,’ Zimmerman said. ‘We have some good freshmen. We do have a little bit depth. In the ribbons, there were a lot of reds and whites so we do have some depth when it comes to a meet like this.’
Zimmerman said now the key is getting the timing right so that his team will be peaking for the post-season meets.
‘Track and field is all about timing and training,’ said Zimmerman. ‘We’re trying to hold off as long as we can for our peak training. I love this meet because it tells you where you’re at as far as the conference goes because there’s so many conference teams here. You can still figure in Silver Creek and Charlestown on where they would go. That’s what I like about this meet.’
Girls Scores – Brownstown 146, Salem 102, Providence 73, Corydon 69, Clarksville 38, Pekin Eastern 34 1/2, Crawford County 33, Scottsburg 31, Austin 30, Paoli 23, North Harrison 5 1/2, South Central 2, West Washington 0.
Girls Results – High Jump – 1. Meghan Bussabarger (Co) 5-4, 2. Gretchen Zimmerman (Co) 4-10, 3. Becca Hough (A) 4-10; Pole Vault – 1. Kelly Eberty (Co) 7-6, 2. Whitney Bobb (Brntn) 7-0, 3. Melissa Bowers (Sa) 7-0; Long Jump – 1.Ashley Allen (Brntn) 15-9, 2. Gretchen Zimmerman (Co) 14-10 1/2, 3. Becky Hollan 14-7 1/2; Shotput – 1. Tia Deaton (Sctbg) 36-8 1/2, 2. Deborah Atkins (PE) 33-9 3/4, 3. Tori Taylor (Sal) 33-9 3/4; Discus – 1. Sarah Baker (Brntn) 113-1, 2. Tori Taylor (Sal) 96-2, 3. Brittany Smith (A) 96-0; 100 meter Dash – 1. Ashley Allen (Brntn) 13.25, 2. Cora Carter (Sal) 13.59, 3. Tiffany Welcher (Clkvl) 13.68; 100 meter Hurdles – 1. Meghan Bussabarger (Co) 15.96, 2. Becky Hollan (A) 16.09, 3. Lindsey Rumph (Brntn) 16.75; 200 meter Dash – 1. Ashley Allen (Brntn) 27.15, 2. Cora Carter (Sal) 28.03, 3. Tiffany Welcher (Clkvl) 28.09; 1,600 meter Run – 1. Kassie Kovert (Brntn) 5:26, 2. Krista Vest (PE) 5:30, 3. Audrey Thill (Pa) 5:43; Fr. 400 meter Relay – 1. Pekin Eastern 58.28, 2. Scottsburg 59.34, 3. Providence 59.40; Varsity 400 meter Relay – 1. Brownstown 53.81, 2. Providence 55.93, 3. Salem 56.06; 400 meter Dash – 1. Desiree Powell (Clkvl) 1:04.62, 2. Kristen Lefler (Prov) 1:05.28, 3. Anna Roesner 1:05.78; 300 meter Hurdles – 1. Meghan Bussabarger (Co) 49.75, 2. Rebecka Sacksteder (Sal) 50.43, 3. Heather Gilbert (Brntn) 52.68; 800 meter Run – 1. Kassie Kovert (Brntn) 2:25.34, 2. Lauren Schaftlein (CC) 2:26.03; 3. Morgan Kenner (CC) 2:36.43; 3,200 meter Run – 1. Audrey Thill (Pa) 12:01.9, 2. Brooke Davisson (Sal) 12:34, 3. Erika Wilson (PE); Fr. 1,600 meter Relay – 1. Providence 4:41.15, 2. Brownstown 4:41.40, 3. Salem 5:02.6; 3,200 meter Relay – 1. Crawford County 10:28, 2. Brownstown 10:36, 3. Salem 11:37; Varsity 1,600 meter Relay – 1. Clarksville 4:32.03, 2. Providence 4:33.75, 3. Crawford County 4:36.5; 800 meter Relay – 1. Salem 2:02.25, 2. Scottsburg 2:03.84, 3. Providence 2:04.46
Boys Scores – Corydon 124, Brownstown 83, Clarksville 70, Salem 70, Providence 68, North Harrison 48, Paoli 43, Austin 40, West Washington 25, Scottsburg 21, South Central 2, Crawford County 1, Pekin Eastern 0.
Boys Results – Long Jump – 1. Sean Ettinger (Co) 19-6 3/4, 2. Ben Leatherbury 19-2 3/4, 3. Craig Richie (Sal) 19-2 1/2; Pole Vault – 1. Jake Sebastian (A) 12-6, 2. Matt Karnes (Co) 12-0, 3. Blaze Hurley (Brntn) 12-0; High Jump – 1. Tim Fletcher (A) 6-2, 2. Chad Backherms (Co) 6-0, 3. Ben Leatherbury (Sal) 6-0; Shotput – 1. Brentt Zelivetz (WW) 50-6 1/2, 2. Eean Huffman (Prov) 50-4 1/2, 3. Daymond Reynolds (Brntn) 48-7 1/2; Discus – 1. Eean Huffman (Prov) 157-4, 2. Alan Austin 147-7, 3. Brentt Zelivetz (WW) 143-7; 100 meter Dash – 1. Ryan Masters (Clkvl) 10.78, 2. George Napier (A) 11.37, 3. Lucas Wilson (Clkvl) 11.50; 110 meter H. Hurdles – 1. Matt Karnes (Co) 16.03, 2. Kyle White (Co) 16.21, 3. Craig Richle (Sal) 16.53; 200 meter Dash – 1. Ryan Masters (Clkvl) 21.78, 2. James Henderson (Co) 23.62, 3. Cory Isaac (NH) 24.88; 1,600 meter Run – 1. Mark Crossman (Brntn) 4:38, 2. Tyler Byrne (NH) 4:40, 3. Harrison Mann (Co) 4:43; Fr. 400 meter Relay – 1. Corydon 47.46, 2. Paoli 49.62, 3. Scottsburg 49.71; Varisty 400 meter Relay – 1. Clarksville 46.00, 2. Salem 46.28, 3. Corydon 46.43; 400 meter Dash – 1. Kwin Cutter (Brntn) 52.81, 2. Hunter Mattingly (Prov) 53.21, 3. Josh Duke (Pa) 54.15; 300 meter I. Hurdles – 1. Kyle White (Co) 42.15, 2. Craig Richle (Sal) 43.96, 3. Jarod Richards (NH) 44.05; 800 meter Run – 1. Mark Crossman (Brntn) 2:05.12, 2. Christian Horstman (NH) 2:10.81, 3. Jamie Freiberger (Prov) 2:11.34; 3,200 meter Run – 1. Tyler Byrne (NH) 10:06.9, 2. Mark Crossman (Brntn) 10:24.03, 3. Harrison Mann (Co) 10:28.00; 3,200 meter Relay – 1. Providence 8:33, 2. Brownstown 8:37, 3. Corydon 8:47; Fr. 1,600 meter Relay – 1. Providence 4:01.6, 2. Salem 4:05.6, 3. Brownstown 4:07.3; Varsity 1,600 meter Relay – 1. Clarksville 3:39, 2. Providence 3:42, 3. Corydon 3:44; 800 meter Relay – 1. Corydon 1:37.81, 2. Brownstown 1:40.46, 3. Clarksville 1:43.20.
Best Girls Field Performance – Gretchen Zimmerman (Co) 16 pts; Best Boys Field Performance – Eean Huffman (Prov) 18 pts; Best Girls Track Performance – Kassie Kovert (Brntn) 23 pts; Best Boys Track Performance – Mark Crossman (Brntn) 30 pts