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WorkOne moves to Lifelong Learning

WorkOne will move into the building leased by Lifelong Learning by June 1 since funding was approved from the riverboat account Monday night by the Harrison County Council. The decision did not come without debate.
Doug Robson, director of Lifelong Learning, requested $40,000 last month to lease 2,300 square feet of additional space on the east side of their current building. 858 square feet will be subleased to WorkOne.
The rest of the addition would be reserved for an additional classroom for Lifelong Learning, which has recently partnered with Indiana Wesleyan College in addition to Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. A shared space between the two organizations would house a conference room and rest rooms.
However, not all council members agreed with the request.
‘I don’t feel the county or any branch of government should be subleasing property,’ Council-woman Rhonda Rhoads said Monday night. ‘I don’t understand why we have to become landlords.’
Robson said by having WorkOne lease the additional space and pay utilities, Lifelong Learning’s costs would be cut by $3 per square foot, from $8 to $5.
‘It helped up reduce the expense,’ Robson said, adding that WorkOne and Lifelong Learning work with the same group of people. ‘It’s a good self-referral,’ he said.
Councilman William (Bill) Nichols motioned to approve Robson’s request.
‘This is a win-win situation for the community,’ Nichols said. ‘It would be a plus to a lot of people.’
Councilman Gordon Pendleton seconded Nichols’ motion, which passed 5-1. Rhoads was not in favor and council chairman Carl (Buck) Mathes refrained from voting.
The $40,000 includes rent, utilities, custodial services and supplies, Internet service and $15,000 in equipment such as chairs, tables and other supplies for the additional space. WorkOne would sublease the additional space for about $14,000 annually, which would include rent, utilities, Internet service and custodial services. Annually, Lifelong Learning would spend about $11,000 for the additional space.
The commissioners previously approved Robson’s request after separating it into two parts, $25,177 for the cost of leasing the space and $15,000 for equipment.
‘We’re ready to start construction in the morning,’ Robson said Monday night. Robson said he expects to have the extra space framed by Friday.
The extra classroom space, Robson said, will allow Lifelong Learning to hold classes and provide degree programs through Indiana Wesleyan.
One of those programs, an associate’s degree in business, is set to begin at the end of the month. Robson said they had already enrolled about 10 students.
Robson said they are holding an information session about the program on April 16 at 6 p.m. at the Lifelong Learning Center. The degree program will begin April 26.