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Vannis’ bond lowered to $300,000 full cash

Bond for Susan Vannis of Corydon was lowered from nearly $1 million to $300,000 full cash Thursday by agreement of her attorney and the special prosecutor.
Vannis is accused of taking nearly $1 million in cash since the year 2000 from the doctor she worked for nearly 15 years. Dr. Paul Kelty, a Corydon obstetrician and gynecologist, was also a personal friend who delivered the Vannis’ triplets and was their godfather. Vannis was the office manager.
After the brief hearing this afternoon in Harrison Superior Court, Vannis, 46, was escorted back to jail by Sheriff G. Michael Deatrick. Her attorney, Michael Summers of New Albany, said he’s not sure if she can raise the full cash bond.
‘It’s more obtainable than previously set,’ he said. ‘It will be up to the family, what they can raise.’
Vannis’ bond was set at nearly $1 million on March 28 by Senior Judge Jerome Jacobi of Clark County, who sat in for then-vacationing Harrison Superior Court Judge Roger D. Davis.
Today, Davis allowed the bond as agreed to by Vannis’ attorney and the special prosecutor, Cynthia Winkler of Salem.
The money to post bond cannot be raised by mortgaging any property in Susan Vannis’ name or by taking loans on personal property, such as cars or boats, unless permission by the court is granted.
Davis ruled such action could only be taken to raise the money for attorney’s fees or to pay costs related to defending the case.
Also, none of Vannis’ assets can be transferred, sold or money spent except in the normal course of business, such as buying groceries or making car payments, the judge said.
He urged counsel for both sides to proceed with trial preparation, to be ready for trial by the previously set date of July 24.
‘It’s in everybody’s interest to keep this case moving, including the defendant’s,’ the judge said.