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Towns could hold elections in November

Each of Harrison County’s 10 incorporated towns may hold town elections this year. Elections will be held Nov. 6.
The offices of clerk-treasurer and town council will be on the ballot for each of the towns, including Corydon, Crandall, Elizabeth, Laconia, Lanesville, Mauckport, Milltown, New Amsterdam, New Middletown and Palmyra.
In recent years, Corydon, Elizabeth, Lanesville, Mauckport and Palmyra are the only towns to hold contested races, Harrison County Clerk Sherry Brown said.
If an election is not contested, Brown said, polling places will not be open and an election will not be held. The sole person running will win by default.
The only qualifications that must be met to run for a town office are: a candidate must be registered to vote within the town limits; must reside within the town; must never have been convicted of a felony; may not be a member of the military on active duty; and must file a declaration of candidacy before the deadline.
To run for a town office as a Democrat, Libertarian or Republican, a voter needs to contact his or her respective county chair. The chair of the Harrison County Democrat Central Committee is Barbara Black; Alex Bowden chairs the Libertarians; and Larry Shickles chairs the Harrison County Republican Central Committee.
If there is opposition the chair must post notice of a town convention within the town no later than Saturday, Aug. 18. The chair must call a town convention to nominate the voter as a candidate no later than Monday, Aug. 20. Once nominated, the candidate has until noon on Tuesday, Aug. 28, to file a certificate of nomination with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.
If running as an Independent, petitions may be filed in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office any time from now until noon July 2. A consent form must be filed by noon on July 16.
Petitions must be signed by the number of voters that is equal to at least two percent of the total votes cast in the last election for Secretary of State in the election division they seek to represent.
Candidates in Corydon need 17 signatures; five signatures are needed in Elizabeth; 10 in Lanesville; three in Mauckport; and 10 in Palmyra.
Independent candidates names are listed on the ballot after any Democrats, Republicans or Libertarians respectively and are listed in the order their petitions were filed. So, if there are no major party candidates, as in years past, the first independent candidate to file his petition will have his name at the top of the ballot.
Most small towns the size of those in Harrison County run as Independents, which doesn’t require a party convention.
If a prospective candidate doesn’t like any of the other options he can be a write-in candidate. These candidates must still file with the Clerk’s office before noon July 3 or any vote cast for them will be void. Their name will not appear on the ballot but a line labeled ‘write-in’ will be added to the ballot. In Elizabeth’s last election write-in Brad Evans won a seat on the town council.
For any questions regarding town elections call the Harrison County Clerk’s Office at 738-4289.