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Dubai’s ‘Burj’ heralds return to Middle Ages

I’ve got some free time in June so I want to go stay in the Burj Al Arab. You’ve seen the pictures. That beautiful hotel in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, that sits out in the water at the end of a causeway. The only 7 star hotel in the world, the Burj was designed to look like a ship in full sail. The interiors are magnificent and rooms can run up to $15,000 a night.
The CEO of Haliburton decided a few weeks ago that Dubai is the place to be now. They need to be closer to their business interests. An ‘American’ company is relocating to the Middle East? Dubai? Sounds dubious to me. I hope his kids are grown.
Let’s roll this out a little further. Suppose all our business heads want to live in Dubai. It could be a sort of keeping up with the Jones kind of thing. On a global scale, could the United Arab Emirates be the new gated community? That’s one heck of a sand trap! You really need to Google this hotel because if you do you will see that the Burj is nothing but a castle surrounded by a moat. I wouldn’t be surprised if that causeway could be hauled up on a big chain. Exclusionary real estate began when the gate was lowered on the first medieval castle.
The Burj can serve as a visual metaphor for the way things work these days. I mean like the return to the Middle Ages. We’ve got all the prerequisites. Kings of Commerce with takeovers and buyouts. Powerful churches with zealotry of all types competing with the governing bodies. Our middle class is dwindling as we speak. The rights of the individual are being swallowed up. From Camelot to Dubai in several hundred years.
It doesn’t take much imagination for us to figure out who the serfs are. We are toiling down here on the front lines tending to the flocks of children and blithely thinking that life is going along with its usual ups and downs.
Assuming that my hypothesis is correct and that nation states are now corporate states, then borders between countries have no meaning whatsoever. Those artificial lines are being ignored every day now. How does this proposed wall or fence with Mexico look from this point of view? Laughable, of course. The power base is throwing us a bone of distraction that we can chew on while they continue with the global growth. Now I understand why the illegal immigration flow has been allowed all these years, and why no one really cares up in the castle suites. We are all jousting down here for position, but they are looking out much wider windows.
I don’t mind being a serf or a member of the eroding middle class. I just want to be an educated one so I don’t get caught in the crossfire of all the upper level power maneuvering ‘ substitute the word ‘war’ ‘ that inevitably happens when one weak king gets swallowed by the bigger ones. I’ve seen enough movies to recognize that peasants pay the ultimate price with life, limb and livelihood.
And as always in history, the ruling class is put in place by the masses. Today’s bunch was either voted in or invested in or consumered in by everyone working on the ground. We should take full responsibility for that. If we let them remove the phenomenon of the middle class as they are trying to do, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Luckily someone named Gutenberg invented a printing press to help with educating our way out of the last Middle Age. The Internet will do the same for us.
Communication and education on a lightning fast scale is what is needed to keep these Neofeudal Lords in check.