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Corydon woman accused of embezzling nearly $1 million goes to jail

Senior Judge Jerome Jacobi of Clark County set bond this morning for Susan Vannis at $968,747.58, the amount she is accused of embezzling from Dr. Paul Kelty, a Corydon practitioner.
At the close of a lengthy bond hearing in Harrison Superior Court, Jacobi remanded Vannis, 46, to the custody of Sheriff G. Michael Deatrick.
Some family members waiting in the courtroom sobbed as the sheriff ushered her downstairs. She remains in the Harrison County Jail.
Vannis, Kelty’s former office manager, is accused of seven counts of theft, totaling nearly $1 million taken over seven years. Jacobi said during the time he spent as a prosecutor and 12 years on the bench, he had never heard allegations that such a large amount of money had been embezzled.
He set bond after noting there was no way he could be sure the money used to make bond didn’t come from the embezzled sums.
Vannis is represented by Michael Summers. Special prosecutor Cynthia Winkler represents the state. Harrison Superior Court Judge Roger D. Davis was not present.