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Decision on new subdivision tabled

A public hearing was held Monday night at the Corydon Planning and Zoning board meeting Monday night for the Mike Windell subdivision. The board voted 5-1 in favor of tabling the final decision of the subdivision until next month’s meeting, which will be held March 5 at 7:30 p.m.
The lots are located off Old S.R. 135 north of the Shiloh Road intersection. The 10 lots sit on 16-1/2 acres. The largest lot is 3-1/2 acres, while the smallest is just under an acre, according to Jason Copperwaite of Paul Primavera and Associates in Corydon. The town has an ordinance that all new lots be at least three quarter of an acre. All other lots are more than one acre.
One family, David and Frances McBeth, who lives near the site, attended the meeting to listen in on the proposed housing and give their concern on drainage. They wanted to make sure a verbal agreement between Gary Windell and Harrison County regarding the maintenance of the sinkhole at the intersection would still be in effect with the subdivision.
Copperwaite said that the agreement will hold. Since the sinkhole is a public sinkhole, anyone has the right to maintain it, he said.
Harrison County Highway Engineer Kevin Russel, who also looked over the development plans, saw the subdivision as a safety issue. He recommended that the number of lots be reduced to five, since the traffic was already high in that area.
In response, the board said that every lot must have a turn-around or a looped driveway, so the cars would not have to back out onto the road.
Board member Steve Kitterman stated after the vote why he voted against the subdivision and why the town should change its subdivision ordinance.
‘Our subdivision ordinance is being abused,’ he said. ‘The subdivision ordinance needs to be changed. I’d like to see this (revision) move forward right away.’
Board chair Dr. Len Waite stated earlier in the meeting that this particular sub-division could get them to change their ordinance.
Also during the meeting, the board reelected Waite as its chair and Lester Rhoads as vice chair.
The Corydon Zoning Appeals Board posted its elections for the next meeting.
The Headworks Project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant is ‘virtually’ complete, Town Manager Fred Cammack reported at the Jan. 22 Corydon Town Council meeting. The project included installing an automotive screening device to filter out metal, wood and other items not intended for treatment.
Also at that meeting, the council approved the third payment to Mitchell and Stark Co. for its work completed on the Wastewater Treatment Plant project, in the amount of $15,393. Another payment was made for work on the treatment plant, in the amount of $178,900, to Midwestern Engineers.
In one final matter, Clinton Fisher was re-appointed to a four-year term on the Board of Zoning Appeals. His term will expire Dec. 31, 2010.