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Heth-Washington growth may lead to expansion

A more than $1.5 million addition could be in the works at Heth-Washington Elementary School.
Chet Michell of Michell Timperman Ritz Architects gave a presentation to the South Harrison Community School Board of Trustees Jan. 9 about a possible addition to Heth-Washington Elementary.
As proposed, the addition could take nine months to complete and would add four classrooms to the north side of the school.
Growth in the number of kindergarten through second-grade students has sparked the need for more space.
‘We’re experiencing a trend of steady growth,’ said Nissa Ellett, principal at Heth-Washington Elementary.
The school currently has two classes each for kindergarten, first grade and second grade, and only one class each for third through sixth grades. Therefore, the ‘special education resource room’ has been split into two rooms, with art and music in one half and a classroom in the other half.
The new rooms would be 1,200 square feet, which is larger than the current classrooms at the elementary school of about 1,000 square feet.
Michell said the only other option for placing the classrooms would be on the east side of the building, but that would destroy the baseball field, which is used for youth and adult baseball and softball leagues.
If classrooms are added on the north side of the school, the small parking lot there would be eliminated and another would need to be built. Also, Ellett has asked that a grassy area remain so the students can continue to have activities outside, such as kickball.
After Michell’s presentation, Supt. Dr. Neyland Clark said that he hoped the estimated cost would be closer to $1 million and he and Michell would sit down and try to ‘crunch the numbers’ together.
However, the cost could be more than $1.5 million if the septic system needs to be re-worked to add more rest rooms.
Heth-Washington Elementary was last remodeled in 2001.
Carolyn Wallace, the district’s director of business operations, gave her report on the current construction at the Corydon schools.
Wallace said that for all ‘practical’ purposes, the intermediate school is complete, and the elementary school is ‘substantially’ complete and should be completely finished at the end of January. As for the high school, two changes have been allowed which will add four sets of rest rooms outside the school’s gymnasium.
The total cost to remodel all four rest rooms is $180,000, which will include new stalls, floors, plumbing fixtures, possibly enlarged, and will meet all handicap laws.
‘It’s appropriate that we do this now,’ said Wallace, reminding the board that it costs more to have the construction crew leave and then return.
Larry Hauswald was the only board member who voted against it, thinking that some of the rest rooms were not in that bad of shape and that some of the rest rooms cannot be enlarged.
Eventually, the rest rooms will have to be remodeled to meet new handicap laws, the trustees were told.
Another $21,000 was added to the Corydon Central High School project to cover work on the concession stand, which needs the drain lines to be set-up correctly with the sewage system, along with new paint, cabinets and electrical work.
In an unrelated matter, the board will hold a special meeting Feb. 10 at the South Central Junior-Senior High School cafeteria, beginning at 8 a.m. The meeting, open to the public, is to open and award bids for bus routes.
The January meeting was the first for newly elected members Dr. John A. Gonzaba and Joyce Bliss. The board elected Jeffery L. Brown president, Roger Windell vice president, and Larry Hauswald secretary.

In another matter, the board approved several personnel recommendations. They were, by school buildings:
Corporation ‘ Resignation of Carole Apple (principal), effective June 30, 2007.
Harrison County Exceptional Learners Cooperative ‘ Hiring of Sherry Green (homebound instructor).
Corydon Central High ‘ Hiring of Kristy Board (vocational agriculture teacher), effective 2007-2008 school year, and Lindsey Logan (band flags coach).
Corydon Central Junior High ‘ Hiring of Sarah Burgher (student council sponsor) and Derrick Singleton (junior high girls’ track coach).
Corydon Elementary ‘ Resignation of Patricia Thompson (special education instructional assistant); and the hiring of Vickie Reas (special education instructional assistant).
Corydon Intermediate ‘ Paternity leave of Daniel Waynescott.