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Apple resigns after 7 years at Corydon Central high

Corydon Central High School will search for a new principal for the 2007-2008 school year.
Current principal Carole Apple has announced her resignation to the staff and the student body, and Supt. Dr. Neyland Clark will ask the school board to accept her resignation at its Jan. 9 board meeting.
Apple has been the principal at Corydon Central for seven years. She said her experience at Corydon has been great, but she is ready for a new challenge.
‘I’ve been at Corydon for seven years, and I feel blessed to work with a great staff, great students and a great community,’ said Apple. ‘I’m excited about the new direction in my career, and I’ll always treasure my time at Corydon. The staff at Corydon is better than any staff I’ve ever worked with, and the students, who are better than they think they are.
‘I have to thank Dr. Clark and Linda Burnham (South Harrison’s director of technology). They taught me well, and helped my career along.’
Apple has accepted a job at Pearson Education, where she will be consulting and presenting education leadership curriculum.
‘It’s a tough job that has a lot of demand,’ said Clark. ‘I wish her all the best.’
Clark said he hopes to have a recommendation for a new principal at the board’s March meeting. He wants to get the position filled before the school year ends, so the staff at Corydon Central can get familiar with Apple’s successor.
At the December school board meeting, the board congratulated Nissa Ellett and everyone at Heth-Washington Elementary, for being the first school, at South Harrison, in the last 10 years to get into the 90 percentile mark on the ISTEP+ test.
Assistant Supt. Jeff Hauswald said that the school was able to reach the 90-percent mark because the school had set goals, and each class had an area of focus, and that area of focus had a significant amount of growth.
‘I am very proud of all the faculty, staff, students and parents who worked to make our kids successful and prepared for the ISTEP+,’ said Ellett, principal at Heth-Washington Elementary. ‘It was truly a group effort.’
The board also voted for a summer academic camp, called Camp Invention, that will focus on science standards, starting next summer. The camp is sponsored by the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation.
The date for the week-long camp isn’t official, but in a later interview with Hauswald, he said he expected the camp to be the third week of June.
For board members Mike McGraw and Diane Shewmaker, it was their final school board meeting. Both said they felt they left the school and the board in better shape than when they took office.
‘It’s a sad last night for me,’ said Shewmaker, who was on the board for four years. ‘Four years ago, I felt like it was us versus them (the teachers), but I leave here now not feeling that way.’
Shewmaker’s comments came much easier due to comments made by Joe Oakes, the calculus and physics teacher at Corydon Central High School, who was able to go to two seminars allowed by the board.
‘They (seminars) are incredibly valuable to us,’ said Oakes. ‘It’s good sometimes to go get your batteries recharged.’
The board, in return, thanked Oakes for attending the seminars, realizing that he took time out of his schedule to attend the seminars.
Michael McGraw, who has been on the board for two terms, ended the meeting with his closing remarks as the school board president.
‘Be a solution to the problem, not the problem,’ said McGraw.
In other matters, the board approved several personnel recommendations. They were, by school buildings:
Corydon Central High ‘ Hiring of Marcia John (special education teacher) for the 2007-2008 school year, Jan Anderson (special education chairperson), Russell Kopp (assistant wrestling coach), Anita Schultz (instructional library assistant); resignation, effective June 30 of 2007, of Joe Mattingly (custodian).
Corydon Central Junior High ‘ Hiring of Daniel Barr (custodian); resignation of junior high wrestling coach Richard Clipp.
Heth-Washington Elementary ‘ Hiring of Donn Rhoads (custodian); paternity leave for Cameron Howard.
South Central Elementary ‘ Hiring of Patty Bell, Angela Schmelz and Ginny McCrary (collaboration instructional assistants).
South Central Junior-Senior High ‘ Hiring of Cortnai Boone (freshmen girls basketball coach); increasing hours for Mary Ferree (kitchen helper).
Harrison County Exceptional Learners Cooperative ‘ Hiring of Barb Smith and Kristi Bowsman (homebound instructors).