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Hunter shoots bobcat in Crawford County

A bobcat was shot and killed in Crawford County on Saturday by a hunter in an elevated deer stand.
After shooting the bobcat, Larry D. Hall, 53, of Floyds Knobs saw a radio tracking collar on the cat and contacted Indiana Conservation Officers Dennis Talley and Terry Allen.
Talley and Allen then met Hall, who admitted to the officers that he had killed the animal while deer hunting on private property on Novak Hill near English Saturday morning.
‘He said he killed the cat just to prove to his buddies that there were bobcats in the area,’ Talley said. ‘But bobcats are protected by Indiana law.’
The officers seized Hall’s shotgun that was used to kill the animal and cited Hall. He will face criminal charges for illegal taking of a bobcat in Crawford Circuit Court.
The bobcat was being tracked by Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Biologists by the radio collar the cat was wearing at the time of the shooting.
The bobcat, called Cat 264 by biologists, was captured and tagged on Feb. 2, 2005, at Crane Naval Weapons Depot in Martin County, north of Dubois County. He weighed 17 pounds and was a juvenile at the time. He was recaptured just weeks later and fitted with a tracking collar.
He stayed in his native home range until August 2005, then roamed northeast through the Bloomington area. In mid-October, he turned east through the Lake Monroe area, during deer bow-hunting season. He stayed in the area until he was shot on Saturday.
Bobcats are a native species in Indiana. They were never introduced here and have never been a danger to humans, conservation officers said. The cats live on small game such as rabbits, squirrels and mice.