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Stoner returns to Corydon to sign O’Bannon books

Andrew Stoner, author of ‘Legacy of a Governor, The Life Of Indiana’s Frank O’Bannon,’ will return to Corydon on Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. to sign more copies of his book.
Stoner will sign books at O’Bannon Publishing in Corydon.
He and Judy O’Bannon visited the Corydon State Capitol on Oct. 5, the day the book was released, to talk about the book and sign copies.
Stoner said his publisher only sent 36 copies of the book so many who came that day were unable to receive a signed copy. Many of the ones who did purchased more than one copy.
A list of people who was unable to receive signed books the first time was kept and those people have been invited to come on Nov. 13 to purchase a signed copy.
The first signing was also held at 6 p.m. and books purchased on Oct. 5 benefited the Friends of the Corydon Capitol.
‘I opened my door at 20 after five and had people buying them,’ Bec Riley, acting manager of the Corydon Capitol State Historic site, said.
Diane Miller of Corydon purchased five books. Four of them were for her sons.
‘Frank’s my cousin, and I knew what a splendid man he was. So I wanted to see what Andrew had to say about him,’ Miller said.
Stoner said O’Bannon’s surprising death from a stroke was one of the major motivations for writing the book.
‘The O’Bannon administration ended so quickly, and we weren’t able to reflect as we had liked to,’ Stoner said.
Stoner, who served as Frank O’Bannon’s deputy press secretary from 2001 to 2003, began the project in October 2004.
Stoner said the release of the book coincides with the 10th anniversary of O’Bannon’s candidacy for governor in 1996.
The book, which spans the life of Frank O’Bannon from his days in Corydon to the governor’s mansion in Indianapolis, is available for purchase at O’Bannon Publishing Co., 301 N. Capitol Ave., in paperback for $20 and hardback for $25. Books can also be purchased during the signing on Nov. 13.