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Long-term Lillpop opposed by Dangler in Webster

Jeff Dangler, Republican, is making his first dive into the political pool, where he will face off against long-term incumbent, Merlin (Dick) Lillpop, for the Webster Township Trustee office in the Nov. 7 General Election.
Dangler, 42, of Corydon decided to run for office for several reasons, one because of a childhood memory.
‘As a kid I remember my mom receiving help from the New Albany trustee,’ Dangler said. ‘It made the difference of going hungry or eating. That meant the world to me.’
Dangler graduated from New Albany High School in 1983, and earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from Indiana University Southeast in 1993.
He has lived in Corydon since 2001, and has worked as a Systems Analyst at United Parcel Service for the past eight years.
Dangler says he is running for office because he believes everyone has a duty to help people.
‘A few years back, some folks with young children and a baby moved next door during the winter months,’ Dangler explained. ‘They had no water, no heat and no money. One day they had their little son come over to our house with an empty cooking pot, a box of Tuna Helper and a note. The note said, ‘Please cook this, we have no water.’ I tried to get some temporary assistance for these folks from the current trustee, but they received nothing, only advice.’
Dangler stresses he is not upset with the current trustee, but wanted more to be done following the incident.
From what Dangler has learned about the job of a township trustee, the job isn’t getting easier.
‘It’s not an easy job, with new requirements and job ethics, the job is not getting any easier,’ he said. ‘We need to bring some technologies to Webster Township, such as a Web site.’
Dangler, and his wife, Donna, have a grown son and two boys, Andrew, 15, and Dillon, 13. They are adopting a child from China, Lilly, who is 1, and hope to have her in their home in November.
He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

Democrat Merlin (Dick) Lillpop, 74, has served as the Webster Township Trustee since 1974.
‘I think I’ve done a good job,’ he said. ‘I want to continue to do that.’
Born and reared in New Middletown, Lillpop graduated from the old New Middletown High School in 1950. After high school, Lillpop worked in the Teamsters Union for 34 years, until retiring in 1992. He is a mason and a member of the New Middletown Lions Club.
Lillpop said the trustee’s main areas of responsibility are to assess houses and appraise personal property in the township, protect livestock and serve as a ‘referee’ when a fence dispute arises.
Lillpop still believes that the people matter most, and wants to continue to serve in the place where he has lived his entire life.
‘I have my people in Webster Township at heart, and I want to continue to help them in any way that I can,’ he said. ‘I have 32 years of experience to offer to the people and want to continue to serve my people in Webster Township.’
Lillpop, who is divorced, has five children and 10 grandchildren.
He can be reached at 968-3258.