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Calling to new church turns soccer coach to lacrosse

Not everyone knows that when I started this job on July 31, I also started another job about the same time, this one as the JV coach and assistant varsity coach for the boys soccer team at Corydon Central High School. The head coach of the team, Brad Tate, has been a friend of mine for several years.
It has always been a goal of mine to come back and coach the team I played for in high school, in 2000 and 2001, when the school first started its soccer program, and to help the kids win a sectional title. With the season almost over, I couldn’t ask for a better group of students or a better head coach to work with.
Brad and the players have made the fall season very enjoyable.
When I went to talk to CCHS Principal Carole Apple about coaching with Brad, she told me that Brad is great with the kids, and I can definitely see that now, as the season is coming to a close.
This is his second season as the head coach, and the team is probably the best soccer team the school has ever had. Brad looks at the team as a professional organization, and believes that the players should always act professional, as if it were their job. He doesn’t tolerate laziness, showing up late or not following directions.
Unfortunately, as many people already know, Brad announced a few weeks ago that this would be his last season as the soccer coach because he is moving.
In addition to coaching the soccer team since the fall of 2003, Brad has been the youth minister at Lincoln Hills Christian Church in Corydon since January 2002. His youth group currently has 70 active kids, with about 45 showing up each Monday for youth night.
The Rev. Webster Olgesby, pastor at Lincoln Hills, said, ‘Brad has been a real asset to us. He has related to the kids just tremendously.’
Brad has been part of the church since he was about 13 years old.
‘We’ve had a good relationship,’ added Olgesby.
I know Brad is very excited about the opportunity that lies ahead of him at his new church. He and his wife, Lindsay, who is the manager at the Wyandotte House and the Summit View youth shelter houses in Corydon, will be moving to Brighton, Mich., which is between Lansing and Ann Arbor.
Not only will Brad be about an hour away from the home of his favorite football team, the Michigan Wolverines and the ‘The Big House,’ but he will be the first youth minister at a church that is just 18 months old and already has more than 500 members.
Also, Brad will continue to coach too. A leader in his new church is a lacrosse coach for one of the local high schools, and even though Brad knows very little about lacrosse, that did not stop him from accepting the offer to be his assistant.
I know there are many people who don’t want to see Brad and Lindsay leave, but people move on in life, and the Tates have made that decision to relocate. However, Brad will have to continue driving from Michigan back to Corydon if the soccer team can win its sectional next week. The further the team advances, the more often Brad will have to return to Harrison County.
I want to say that Brad has been a good friend to me through the years, and I’ll miss the fun we’ve had, particularly with the soccer team, and I’ll especially miss the arguments about Big Ten football, even though I have very little support due to the lack of a win from the Hoosiers this year (but I will always have him in basketball, thanks to Chris Webber).
I do know that the CCHS soccer program and Lincoln Hill’s youth program are better than they would have been if Brad had not been involved. Both programs, though, are strong enough to carry on successfully without him. That’s what Brad would want.
So if you see Brad or Lindsay during their last few days as Harrison County residents, be sure to thank them for the work they have done in the community while they’ve lived here. Also, wish Brad good luck with the soccer team as it finishes up the season, and wish him the best on his new job.