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EMS wins 3 Governor’s Cup awards

The EMS personnel at Harrison County Hospital were hoping to bring home at least one award from the Governor’s Cup Ambulance Competition last week. Little did they know that all three teams that advanced to the finals would place first.
‘It’s amazing,’ said EMS director Gary Kleeman. ‘It’s hard to believe. I’m so proud of them.’
In addition to the Governor’s Cup awards, two EMS personnel received individual awards, and Alan Stewart, sports editor of this newspaper, won first place for a black-and-white photograph of an EMS disaster drill.
Kleeman said the team members in the Governor’s Cup competition were:
Paramedic division ‘ Jeremy McKim and Troy Nicholson;
Basic/Advanced division ‘ Collin Borham and Missy McKim;
Basic division ‘ Katie Miller and Joe Squier.
Harrison County Hospital EMS did not have a team in the fourth division, intermediate.
All three teams advanced to the Sept. 14 finals from preliminary rounds held Sept. 6 and 7 at Wayne Township Fire Academy training center in Indianapolis. About 40 teams competed in the preliminary round, from which three teams advanced from each certification level.
Finals were held Thursday as part of the opening event for the Dept. of Homeland Security Emergency Response Conference in Indianapolis.
Nicholson also serves as the training coordinator for the EMS department.
‘Troy had one practice session for the teams before they competed,’ Kleeman said. ‘It’s just difficult to know what to train on because the scenario they give you could have a thousand different possibilities.’
Nicholson said the Governor’s Cup awards were announced last during the program.
‘We were hoping to get just one,’ he said.
The HCH group was excited when the Basic division winners were announced, with the Miller-Squier team coming out on top. Then the Basic/Advanced winner was announced, with Borham and Missy McKim taking first place.
‘The pressure was really on me and Jeremy then,’ Nicholson said, adding that they were surprised when they were announced the winning team of the Paramedic division.
Teams are judged on their performances in handling a simulated emergency 911 ambulance call. Every aspect of the response is critiqued, from radio communications, vehicle operations and scene management to patient treatment and stabilization, patient transport, and run reports and documentation.
Kleeman said it’s been several years since HCH EMS had a team win the Governor’s Cup.
During the banquet and awards program of the conference, Harrison County EMT Katie Miller was named the Basic EMT of the Year for Indiana, and Nicholson received the Public Relations and Injury Prevention of the Year award, an award the Corydon hospital has won the last several years.
‘Hopefully these awards will show the citizens of Harrison County what an excellent service with really good people that we have here,’ Kleeman said.
Stewart’s picture, which won the black-and-white category, was taken during a disaster drill held July 13 at Hayswood Theatre in Corydon.
Emergency response and public safety personnel from Indiana attended the conference, banquet and awards ceremony in celebration of 31 years of EMS in Indiana.