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Lanesville swells with ‘heritage’

Lanesville swells with ‘heritage’
Lanesville swells with ‘heritage’
Olivia Blank, 17, above, is this year's Heritage Queen.

The thermometer reached just 85 degrees Saturday, but standing on the sidewalk among a crowd of about 70,000 to watch a parade in the sunshine, the heat felt more like 100 degrees.
That’s how it was last weekend at the 31st annual Lanesville Heritage Weekend festival.
The theme for this year’s parade, which lasted about 90 minutes, was ‘Feelin’ the Small town Pride.’ Grand marshals were the Lanesville baseball, softball and volleyball teams.
Festival grounds were also a hot place to be.
Mona Lane, from Henderson, Ky., working at one of the concession stands, has been attending the festival the past six years. ‘A lot more drinks and lemonade have been sold this year,’ she said, adding that the size of the crowd was ‘consistent’ with last year.
People came from all over the Midwest to see the antique farming equipment and old-time demonstrations, to enjoy the live music and to socialize with people they had met in Lanesville over the years.
John Schensker, originally from Milltown, has been leaving his Hamilton, Ohio, home the past 17 years to come to Heritage with his brother, Elmer, who has been attending the festival for 18 years now.
The brothers demonstrate the old family business of broom making.
‘Our great-grandfather came over from Germany in about 1865, and while he was in New York City, he learned how to make brooms,’ said Elmer, who still lives in Milltown. John does most of the sewing and threading, and then he gives the broom to his brother to finish.
A woman encouraged Elmer to put on a demonstration in 1989, and now he’s addicted.
‘All the people we’ve met over the years, that’s what makes it great,’ Elmer said. ‘And they come back to say hello.’
Also, antique and new tractors turn up year after year in Lanesville. Bill C. Russell and his father, Bill H., bring two or three tractors every year from their farm in Bargersville, about 15 miles south of Indianapolis.
‘We come down here because of the amount of people, and they’re all friendly,’ said the younger Russell. ‘The food is nice, and we get out to see the displays. Then in the evenings, we’ll get cleaned up and go out to Corydon or Louisville.’
The Russells’ best eye-catching tractor is a Cult-A-Vision, which is used to cultivate tobacco. Bill C. thinks that it’s a popular tractor because many people in the area grow tobacco.
The father and son team doesn’t bring any antique tractors, even though the family has been farming for more than 100 years and still resides in the same home that Bill H. was raised in. Both of them like getting out and checking the antique tractors and farming equipment, even though it’s mostly the same ones every year. ‘It gets in your blood,’ said Bill H.
His son added, ‘You come back just to see if something different is on them.’
Clyde Pitts, Heritage festival chairman for the antique tractor display and parade, said, ‘The oldest non-featured tractor was a 1923 Fordson, owned by Donald Krigbaum of Elizabeth. The second oldest non-featured tractor is owned by Wayne Wiseman, Corydon, with his 1928 1020 McCormick Dearing.’
Pitts added that the oldest featured tractor was a tie between Francis Lindauer, Ferdinand, and Whitney Stith, Guston, Ky. Both had a 1920 Waterloo Boy. Pitts said the best featured tractor display was by Clayton and Chuck Arnold, Lanesville, with their 41 John Deere tractors and lawn tractors.
Of the 406 tractors on display, 175 of them were John Deeres, this year’s featured tractor. In 2007, Allis Chalmers will be the featured tractor.
Don Mathes, chair of the gas engine display, noted that 142 gas engines were demonstrated and on exhibit by 38 people. ‘That is an increase over last year by about 20 engines,’ he said. Exhibitor Norman Theriac, Floyds Knobs, said that collecting gas engines are like ‘Lays Potato Chips; you can’t stop with one.’
Mathes had his own display, which included two gas engines: a 1910 Almoe and 1907 3- to 5-horsepower Fairbanks Morris engine that had been used by Keller Wagon Manufacturing Co. in Corydon to manufacture farm wagons. Jimmy Woods, of Cooker, Ala., came the farthest, driving 400 miles with his miniature baler that was powered with a gasoline engine.
Coming to his second Heritage Weekend was John Brown of Corydon and his two children, Mason, 8, and Harli, 11. The family had just sat down to take a break from riding the rides, and were eating ice cream to relieve themselves of the heat.
‘We come here for the rides; that’s what they want to do, so I come here with them,’ said Brown. When asked if he would bring his kids back next year, he looked over at them and jokingly asked, ‘You guys don’t want to come here next year, do you?’
The kids shouted back, ‘Oh yeah, we do!’
New at Heritage was goat milking. ‘Goat milking captured the attention of both the young and the old,’ said Joan T. Schickel, Heritage publicity chair. James and Martha Blank, who live south of Lanesville, provided the goat, which drew about 475 ‘milkers.’ As a remembrance of the rare experience, those who tried their hand at milking received a ribbon, at least until the Blanks’ supply of more than 200 ribbons ran out before noon on Saturday.
The festival opened Friday afternoon with demonstrations and food booths. In the early evening, the Princess and Queen pageants took place.
Hope Timberlake, 5, daughter of Brian and Melissa Timberlake of Lanesville was named Princess, and runner-up was Taylor Sorg, 6, whose parents are Troy and Missy Sorg of Georgetown.
Seventeen-year-old Olivia Blank, daughter of Darin and Jennifer Blank of Lanesville was queen. She is a junior at Lanesville Junior-Senior High School. Runner-up was Beth Glomb, 16, also a junior at LJSHS. Her parents are Ken and Chris Glomb of Georgetown. Andrea Brown, daughter of Travis and Jessica Brown of Lanesville, was named Miss Congeniality.
Friday night’s activities also included a hot-air balloon glow. If someone didn’t know better, looking at the balloons from off in the distance, the light from the balloons would have appeared to be giant Christmas lights. The announcer, Bob Symon, meteorologist at WLKY Channel 32 in Louisville, directed people in the 10 wicker baskets to turn on and off the propane burners to make the lights go in waves, twinkles and all glows, which lit up the entire track area.
Jim Acton, who organized the balloon glow and race, said, ‘More and more people are coming out to watch it.’ This year, those at the ‘glow’ were treated to an added bonus: a full moon.
Acton said he’s amazed how much the festival has grown in 31 years. He recalled receiving extra credit for helping at the weekend while a student at Lanesville from history teacher Bruce Green.
Lanesville Heritage Director David Brengman invites all volunteers and anyone who helped with the festival to the annual Appreciation Dinner on Sept. 24 at 1 p.m. at the Lanesville Heritage Community Center.
Click for photos of balloon glow
Click for photos from the parade route
Click for photos of the parade and festival
The Heritage committee will have its next meeting Sept. 21 at 1 p.m., at the Heritage center.
Here are the results from the contests:
Fiddlers’ Contest ‘ 16-year-old and younger division: Katie DeMuth, Ferdinand, first; Kaitlin Emmert, Ferdinand, second; Doug Flenner, Leitchfield, Ky., third; adult division: Bobby Wilson, Scottsburg, first; Robert Wilson, Scottsburg, second; Sara Ruth Dolton, Elizabeth, third.
Balloon Race (11 participants) ‘ Sam Beazly, New Albany, first, landed 21 feet from the target; Tim Meredith, Sellersburg, second, 34 feet from target; Ron Shewmaker, Charlestown, third, 86 feet from target; Dan Fox, Louisville, fourth, 131 feet from target.
Horseshoe pitching ‘ Singles: Darrell Sherrard, Henryville, first; Ronnie Cauble, Mitchell, second; Dwight Gibson, Louisville, third; doubles: Cauble and Glen Hitner, Georgetown, first; Verlin Whitman, Laconia, and John Brown, Brandenburg, second; Paul Schwinhammer and David Anderson, both of Jasper, third.
Cross-cut sawing ‘ Men’s division: Dale (Chip) White and Virgil Jawtak, first, 40 seconds; Eugene Gleitz and Daryl Lind, second, 54 seconds; women’s division: Donna Hublar and Crystal Schindler, first, 1:59; mixed: Charlie Johnson and Gloria Housel, first, 1:23.
Parade (160 entries) ‘ Best band, Borden High School; Best Marching Unit, Lanesville Junior-Senior High School band, first, and Floyd Central-Lanesville Navy Junior ROTC, second; Best Float, Lanesville Jaycees, first, and Lanesville girls volleyball/softball teams, second; Best Antique Vehicle (prior to 1940), Jon Myer, steam engine; Best Antique Vehicle (1941 and newer), Donald Dickerson, Louisville, 1955 Chrysler Imperial; Best Equestrian, Stacy Acres owned by Jim and Maxine Schweitzer, Charlestown; Best Religious, St. John Lutheran Church; Best Novelty, Mike Sodrel for Congress, trolley.
Mini Tractor Pedal Pull
30 to 45 pounds ‘ first, Connor Monroe, Corydon, son of Daniel and Jana Monroe; second, Madison Schmelz, New Albany, daughter of Kurt Schmelz; third, Nick Franchville, Corydon, son of John and Diane Franchville.
46 to 60 pounds ‘ first, Cody Monroe, Corydon, son of Daniel and Jana Monroe; second, Chase Groher, Sellersburg, son of Greg and Mary Groher; third, Cody Eurton, New Albany, son of Matt and Tara Eurton.
61 to 75 pounds ‘ first, T.J. Flick, Greenville, son of Tom and Marsha Flick; second, Ethan Boyd, Pekin, son of Dan and Julie Boyd; third, Lexi Aders, Bristow, daughter of Mark and Kim Aders.
76 to 90 pounds ‘ first, Thomas Gray, Pekin, son of Mike and Julie Gray; second, Brage Stocks, Corydon, son of Erica Hussung and Buddy Stocks; third, Corey Deuser, Ramsey, son of Chris and Angela Deuser.
Tractor Pull results (Thursday)
4,500-pound antique (1939 & older): Russ Rose, first, 267.24; Russ Rose, second, 254.01; David Reeseman, third, 234.33; Adam Butler, fourth, 179.56; Rodney Couch, fifth, 129.11.
5,500-pound antique (1939 & older) ‘ Steve Waits, first, 238.49; Shawn Oesterritter, second, 235.4; Jim VanCleave, third, 222.36; Zach Schwenk, fourth, 209.18.
4,500-pound antique (1940-1955) ‘ Smith Pulling Team, first, full pull, 220.33; David Stevens, second, full pull, 215.06; Bryan Franklin, third, full pull, 203.14; Smith Pulling Team, fourth, 276.32; Smith Pulling Team, fifth, 271.91.
5,500-pound antique (1940 & older) ‘ Smith Pulling Team, first, 248.63; David Stevens, second, 244.52; Smith Pulling Team, third, 233.37; Reuben Yount, fourth, 233.11; Tom Arvin, fifth, 232.91.
5,500-pound antique (1959 & older) ‘ Tom Arvin, first, 249.34; Smith Pulling Team, second, 249.14; David Stevens, third, 227.64; Jeremy Tucker, fourth, 224.65; Bob Abbott, fifth, 221.5.
6,500-pound antique (1959 & older) ‘ Jeremy Tucker, first, 270.99; Josh Martin, second, 266.73; David Stevens, third, 263.89; Keith Long, fourth, 259.79; Kurt Abbott, fifth, 257.51.
Heavy Weight, 12,500-pound antique (1960 & older) ‘ Randy Wolf Sr., first, 271.35; Randy Wolf Jr., second, 270.18; Wayne Mosier, third, 175.25.
Tractor Pull (Friday)
8,000-pound street diesel ‘ Dale Calendar, first, full pull, 290.23; Jason Wagoner, second, 279.12; Jody Hutchens, third, 273.68; Brandon Reisert, fourth, 267.45; Spencer Davis, fifth, 267.11.
6,200-pound super stock ‘ Tim Hutchenson, first, full pull, 269.13; Chris Hall, second, full pull, 263.52; Justin Fleece, third, full pull, 257.45; Chris Smooth, fourth, full pull, 250.38; Adam Collins, fifth, full pull, 245.6.
6,200-pound street gas ‘ Derrick Geltmaker, first, 264.74; Troy Faulkenburg, second, 245.8; Leon Faulkenburg, third, 234.48; Jeff Bowling, fourth, 220.03; Jeremy Robinson, fifth, 213.24.
8,500-pound super stock ‘ Luke Thomas, first, 272.34; Dale Calender, second, 264.6; Bryan Peewitt, third, 263.89; Judd Banet, fourth, 207.82; Jason Wagoner, fifth, 207.52.
6,500-pound open ‘ Freddie Powell, first, 256.15; Kaelin Dews, second, 250.03; Matthew Knopf, third, 249.85; Greg Davis, fourth, 196.53.
6,200-pound pro stock ‘ Marty Luttrell, first, 277.82; Tim Barker, second, 275.47; Nathan Luallen, third, 273.09; Shane Turner, fourth, 271.34; Chris Hall, fifth, 270.46.
5,800-pound pro stock ‘ Glen Murphy, first, 276.95; Eric Wells, second, 270.05; Larry Anderson, third, 269.27; Jason Coomer, fourth, 266.06; Ray Heath, fifth, 266.04.
Tractor Pull (Saturday)
13,000-pound farm stock ‘ Norm Meade, first, 271.2; Ronald Coleman, second, 269.32; Larry Williams, third, 266.63; Ryan Engle King, fourth, 265.87; John Chastain, fifth, 263.54.
16,000-pound farm stock ‘ Nick Weher, first, 251.42; Chris Linville, second, 247.21; Steve Purlee, third, 246.96; Jon Schuerman, fourth, 241.53; Larry Engle King, fifth, 241.08.
10,000-pound pro stock: Mickey Shorter, first, 240.9; Danny Cristiani, second, 239.06; Greg Boyd, third, 236.02; Steve Boyd, fourth, 233.88; Dennis Babb, fifth, 217.23.
6,000-pound super farm: Scott Fackler, first, 258.45; Adam Camm, second, 255.41; Steve Roberts, third, 255.36; Kent Anderson, fourth, 253.53; John Knasel, fifth, 249.77.
9,300-pound super farm: Dan Hensley, first, full pull, 258.9; Harry Bledsoe, second, full pull, 257.06; Justin Wasler, third, full pull, 250; Morris Brothers, fourth, full pull, 249.8; Mac Darnell, fifth, full pull, 248.94.
6,200-pound street gas ‘ Troy Faulkenburg, first, full pull, 280.68; Chris Marino, second, 277.54; Shawn Bottorff, third, 274.54; Derrick Geltmaker, fourth, 267.7; Jeff Bowling, fifth, 262.83.
8,000-pound street diesel ‘ Dale Calender, first, 272.21; Jason Wagoner, second, 255.92; Chris Knight, third, 248.88; Brandon Reisert, fourth, 247.46; Joseph Watson, fifth, 247.11.
8,500-pound pro farm ‘ Keith Race, first, full pull, 275.71; Tommy Taylor, second, full pull, 272.16; Kevin Hillenbrand, third, full pull, 219.14; Justin Massie, fourth, 280.28; Morris Hiser, fifth, 280.18.
Drawing and raffle ‘ $500 winner: Peter J. Schickel, Lanesville; $100 winners: Marshall Wolfe, Lanesville, Bernadette Wheatley, Sellersburg, Matt Marlow, Louisville, Ken Phelps, Lanesville, Greg Morrison, Louisville.
Eight-mile race: See Sports.