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Vacation in the South prompts mind over matter

Vacation in the South prompts mind over matter
Vacation in the South prompts mind over matter
Johnson Square in Savannah, Ga. (Photo by Chris Adams)
Jackie Carpenter, Editor

When I came into work one morning last week, there was my colleague, Chris Adams, sitting in front of his computer screen, looking ever so relaxed and self-assured. Actually, Chris, editor of the Clarion News, never seems too hyper. But his laid-back state of being this day was down-right unnerving.
He had returned, after a much-too-brief vacation (from his point of view) in the South, specifically, Hilton Head Island, S.C., and Savannah, Ga. As if that’s not enough to turn a person green with envy, he and his wife, Angie, actually dined at Food Network star Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons, in Savannah!
He described the biscuits as light, large, absolutely heavenly, unlike any he had ever eaten. Then there were the crab cakes, a side dish of rice and black beans, fried collard greens, and a diced tomato relish. Angie had the golden-fried chicken, perfectly mashed potatoes and lavishly smothered macaroni and cheese. Both were way too stuffed for dessert. Needless to say, some of us around here are downright jealous. As if that weren’t enough, the Adams family (Chris, not Gomez) also came home with a Paula Deen treasure: ‘The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cookbook.’
Poor Chris told Angie not to try any of the recipes at home they had already sampled at the restaurant; he wanted nothing to get in the way of the memory.
I’m writing this little story for several reasons, and one is to tell you if you’re a Food Network junkie and you’ve ever wanted to go to this restaurant and thought you shouldn’t even try because of the long lines, there is a method that apparently works.
Chris said he and Angie teamed up to get in. He dropped her off in front of the restaurant about 3:15 so she could tell the hostess what time they wanted to have dinner, while he drove around, looking for a place to park the car. Ten minutes later, he tromped back to the restaurant, where they waited a bit more to check in with the hostess for dinner at 7:30. To while away the time, the two enjoyed a walk in the courtyards and shopping at the unique boutiques that line the boardwalk, facing the Savannah River. About seven o’clock they checked back in at The Lady and, after a brief wait, were escorted to the third-floor dining room in the restaurant.
During dinner, flashbulbs were popping like bright fireflies around the room as people had their pictures taken to prove to folks back home where they had been. Despite the hoopla, the wait staff was calmly efficient and collected, something to write home about.
Another highlight of the trip was back on Hilton Head, a ‘boot’ in the Atlantic, off the South Carolina shore. A late-night moonlit walk on the deserted beach was the perfect ending to a perfect day. To a perfect week. Ahhhh. Even I feel so much better, so relaxed, now!