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Fair ends with truck, tractor pulls

The Harrison County Agricultural Society provided the winners from the truck and tractor pulls, which closed the 147th annual Harrison County Fair.
Results from the Aug. 4 truck pull:
6,200-pound super stock 4WD ‘ Tim Hutchenson, first, 296.04; Luke Thomas, second, 287.04; Chris Smoot, third, 284; Walter Smith, fourth, 282.1; Justin Fleace, fifth, 277.05; Tim Hudnall, sixth; Kevin Shingleton, seventh; Bob Riley, eighth;
5800-pound pro stock 4WD ‘ Jason Coomer, first, full pull, 299.5; Anthony Young, second, full pull, 289.10; Glen Murphy, third, 295; Ray Heath, fourth, 291; Larry Anderson, fifth, 290;
6200-pound pro stock 4WD ‘ Nathan Luallen, full pull, 309.10; Chris Hall, second, full pull, 304.4; Gary Griffin, third, full pull, 273.06; Rick Thomas, fourth, 305.09; Wes Kitchens, fifth, 303.02;
5200-lb. E.H.R. ‘ Mitchell Coomer, first, 313.01; Roger Neal, second, 303.10; Doug Cox, third, 301.05; Rob Kinney, fourth, 294.09; Aaron Kelthner, fifth, 283.05;
8,000-pound open diesel 4WD ‘ Gregory Peterson, first, 314.07; David Dudgeon, second, 302.08; Jason Wagoner, third, 276.02; Billy Shipley, fourth, 268.10.
Results from the Aug. 5 tractor pull:
5,000-pound stick street stock 4WD ‘ Mark Rothrock, first; Larry Helms, second; Jeff Bowling, third;
5,800-pound street stock auto 4WD ‘ Mark Rothrock, first; Leon Faulkenburg, second; Derrick Geltmaker, third;
16,000-pound pure stock 180 HH pure stock ‘ Nick Wehr, first; Steve Purlee, second; Chris Jones, third; Junior Sullivan, fourth; Asa Wingler, fifth;
16,000-pound stock or turbo farm stock ‘ John Chastain, first; Brandon Glenn, second; Nick Wehr, third; Scott Sanders, fourth; Steve Purlee, fifth;
9,300-pound super farm ‘ Harry Bledsoe, first; Brandon Phillips, second; Chad Darlage, third; Gary Stout, fourth; Kurtis Gregory, fifth; Marvin Bobb, sixth; Hiser Brothers, seventh; Brian Patton, eighth;
6,200-pound super farm ‘ Jerry Sipes, first; Ralph Popp, second; Scott Fackler, third; David Barnett, fourth; Kent Anderson, fifth; David Bewley, sixth;
13,000-pound stock or turbo farm stock ‘ Justin Chastain, first; Joe Batliner, second; Brandon Glenn, third; Mark Fischer, fourth; Scott Sanders, fifth;
9,500-pound pure stock 100 HP pure stock ‘ Nick Fried, first; Kevin Mundy, second; Johnny Weidenbenner, third; John Adams, fourth; Kevin Sieg, fifth;
9,500-pound stock or turbo farm stock ‘ Morris Hiser, first; Brian Patton, second; Josh Martin, third; Bobby Smith, fourth; Jeremy Souder, fifth;
7,500-pound stock or turbo farm stock ‘ Brian Patton, first; Morris Hiser, second; Josh Martin, third; Glenn Long, fourth; Keith Long, fifth;
5,500-pound pure stock 55 HP pure stock ‘ John Adams, first; Justin Blackman, second; Mike Johnson, third; Dickey Garmon, fourth; Larry Landberg, fifth;
5,500-pound stock or turbo farm stock ‘ Steve Scherle, first; Keith Long, second; Randall Barr, third; Ted Schwenk, fourth; Doug Gibson, fifth.