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Field no match for red-hot Mathes at NS Invitational

Field no match for red-hot Mathes at NS Invitational
Field no match for red-hot Mathes at NS Invitational
Jon Mathes of Corydon, shown here during July's win at the Old Capital Club Championship, stuffed the competition at last weekend's New Salisbury Invitational, winning by nine strokes. (Photo Alan Stewart)

With a five stroke lead heading into Sunday’s final round of the 33rd annual New Salisbury Invitational, Jon Mathes felt ‘pretty good’ about his chances of winning the event for the first time.
Just four holes into the final round, the tournament was his to lose.
With a pair of under-par scores, Mathes literally cruised to the championship, winning with a total of 134, nine strokes better than runner-up Kyle Mattingly.
The win capped a remarkable two-tournament stretch for Mathes, who won the Old Capital Golf Club Championship last month, in much the same rock-solid fashion.
‘I’ve played well all year. Other than one round in the Old Capital (Invitational) I’ve really not had a bad round,’ Mathes said.
Even after shooting a 65 in Saturday’s opening round, Mathes knew the layout of New Salisbury could meddle in his plans for a win.
‘It’s a course where you can have a good tee shot, but wind up being under or behind a tree. I’ve hit the ball well and not scored, and I’ve also had rounds where I’ve not hit the ball well, but wind up in good position to score,’ Mathes said. ‘Fortunately, outside of one hole I never really got into any trouble.’
Bill Dooley shot an opening 68 to come into Sunday in second place. After matching Mathes’ pars on the first two holes, he went bogey, double-bogey, quadruple-bogey to take himself out of contention.
Mathes had a slight slip on the par-5 fifth, where he marked a seven.
The hiccup allowed Mattingly, 2006 Membership champ Zach Davis, 2005 Invitational champion Kevin Nash, and Steve Smith to all trim a couple of shots off Mathes’ lead on the front nine.
The eventual winner would have nothing of it on the second nine, where he had a pair of birdies and an eagle to twart the comeback effort.
‘When I went from being up three to being up six with about 13 holes to go, that’s when I really felt comfortable,’ Mathes said. ‘The only person I felt like could make a run at me would have been Kevin, because that used to be his course and he’s an awesome player there.’
A rally never came as Mathes went on to fire a second-round 69 to win the event.
The champ praised the condition of the course, which had undergone a bit of a makeover in recent months, including the seeding of new bermuda fairways.
‘I have to give John Black credit because (New Salisbury) was in better shape than it’d been in probably three or four years. He’s done a really good job. I was impressed.
‘The greens were probably a little slower than I’d like, but I’ll take a good, slow green over a fast one that’s burned up and has divots all over it. I think the course is getting back to the way it used to be, and once the word gets out, you’ll probably be back up over 100 people playing in that tournament.’
Mattingly also had a 69 for the only other round (next to Mathes’ two and Dooley’s one) shot under par in the tourney, but his opening round of four-over-par 74 proved to be the downfall of the youngster.
Four players ‘ Davis, Nash, Smith and Tim Coffman ‘ all shot a total of 144, with Alan Reed coming in with a 145.
Dennis Faith won the First Flight with a 150, besting Ross Schulz’ 150 in a scorecard playoff. John Schmidt was third with a 151, with L.C. Nash fourth (152).
In the Second Flight, Justin Evans was two strokes better, 157-159, than Andy Rideout, with Jeremy Tuell third with a 159 and Mike Schmidt fourth with a 162.
Dan Himmelhaver was nine strokes better than Jack Long in the Third Flight, firing a 165. Todd Elbert was third with a 175, and Ed Crook was fourth with a 177.
Matt Bruce was the winner of the High School Flight, knocking off Dylan Spencer by seven strokes, 144-151.
Matt Key (154), Chris Worrall (159) and Ryan Coffman (195) wrapped up the division.
New Salisbury Invitational
Championship Flight

Jon Mathes 65-69’134
Kyle Mattingly 74-69’143
Tim Coffman 71-73’144
Zach Davis 72-72’144
Kevin Nash 71-73’144
Steve Smith 71-73’144
Alan Reed 72-73’145
T. Griffin 72-74’146
Steve Beanblossom 71-75’146
Bill Dooley 68-79’147
Bob Morris 74-75’149
Craig Smith 71-73’149
Alex Zimmerman 73-79’152
Mike Jones 72-90’162
First Flight
Dennis Faith 75-75’150
Ross Schulz 76-74’150
John Schmidt 77-74’151
L.C. Nash 79-73’152
Jess Foury 78-76’154
Mike Rigot 77-79’156
David Smith 79-78’157
Jeff Schmidt 77-74’158
Steve Decker 80-79’159
Mick Saulman 79-80’159
S. Gallatin 80-80’160
Bill Schneider 78-82’160
Nigel Islam 79-83’162
Terry Prince 76-87’163
Second Flight
Justin Evans 81-76’157
Andy Rideout 78-81’159
Jeremy Tuell 81-78’159
Mike Schmidt 82-80’162
Bob Tervee 82-81’163
Bill Popp 85-79’164
Ken Bickett 83-83’166
D. Roll 84-82’166
Charlie Biggs 86-82’168
Larry Jones 84-85’169
Curt Jones 81-89’170
Virgil Biggs 86-85’171
Tim Conway 85-90’175
Virgil Casper 84-91’175
Dwight Clunie 83-92’175
Henry Shaffer 82-94’176
Les Long 86-95’181
Third Flight
Dan Himmelhaver 87-78’165
Jack Long 90-84’174
Todd Elbert 89-86’175
Ed Crook 88-89’177
Ron Tuell 91-87’178
Rob Higdon 94-79(85)’179
Dave Winstead 88-93’181
Larry Brisco 96-87’183
Bill Mills 87-101’188
B. Davis 90-100’190
R. Mueller 97-97’194
J. Muggenburgh 101-95’196
M. Blessinger 106-99’205
Mark Rake 106-100’206
High School Flight
Matthew Bruce 74-70’144
Dylan Spencer 75-76’151
Matt Key 80-74’154
Chris Worrall 88-71’159
Ryan Coffman 91-104’195