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John D appointed to Corydon Town Council

John D appointed to Corydon Town Council
John D appointed to Corydon Town Council
John D. Kintner Sr.

John David Kintner Sr., 58, was sworn in Monday evening after being appointed to the Corydon Town Council. He takes the seat left vacant by the May 12 death of Roy McKim, who served nearly 20 years.
Kintner said he was approached by council president Fred Cammack and asked if he was interested in the position. He intends to finish the remainder of McKim’s term before deciding whether he will seek election to the board.
‘Because I wasn’t really hunting the job, I haven’t thought too much about it,’ he said.
Like McKim, Kintner is a lifelong resident of Harrison County. Born in the Harrison-Crawford State Forest in 1947, the Corydon mechanic got his start at his cousin’s Standard Oil Station in Corydon at age 13.
That station is long gone, but John D’s Auto Repair and Service is just a block from where it once stood.
Kintner acquired his garage at 207 West Walnut St., Corydon, in 1984. He lives next door and now owns a total of four properties surrounding the garage which was formerly a Studebaker and AMC dealership built in the 1940s.
Kintner’s wife, the former Patricia Ann Wiseman, is an oil painter who sells her work in the office right along with the jewelry boxes, clocks, canes and other items Kintner fashions from wood.
Genial and talkative, Kintner is best known through his Corydon business as John D. He said he would like to start slowing down when he gets closer to retirement age, but he’s not sure of when or if he’ll retire outright.
Kintner and John D’s technician Rick Utz have both sat on the advisory board of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana for more than four years. And Kintner was a member of the Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Dept. for 20 years.
Kintner has a son, John David Kintner Jr., and a daughter, Pamela Smith, who each have two children. Smith works for Chase Bank in New Albany. John David Jr. plans to retire from the Army in the fall of 2007.