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New HCH basement takes shape

New HCH basement takes shape
New HCH basement takes shape
The basement was readied for the pouring of about half the first floor of Harrison County Hospital last week. Pouring could begin as early as Friday. (Photo by Charles S. Ewry)

The basement of the future Harrison County Hospital off Corydon-Ramsey Road is beginning to take shape. Shoring is being erected in preparation for the pouring of the first-floor concrete slab possibly by the end of the week.
Meanwhile, sitework, including sinkhole remediation, pouring of drilled piers and removal of rock continues.
Other work underway includes basic structure and utilities: Water, storm and sanitary sewers, and ‘roughing in’ for basement plumbing and electric.
Contrary to reports of unexpected sitework difficulties, costs and delays, there have been no major surprises or setbacks, hospital and construction officials said.
‘There’s a site development allowance of $1.2 million which will cover any issue of sinkholes, drilled piers, rock, any sitework issues that are not in the base bid,’ said Mark Shireman, project manager.
‘We put an allowance based on past experiences in this part of the world. There’s another $2 million of contingency funding. We expect sitework is between $700,000 to $800,000,’ he said.
All of the drilled piers are complete and sinkhole remediation is more than 75 percent complete.
‘The key point is this project is under budget at this time. You take 40 acres near the center of Harrison County, it’s gonna have some sinkholes,’ Shireman said.
Shoring which will hold the forms for post-tensioned concrete is being erected above the basement’s concrete slab floor. The concrete will be poured around steel cables which are placed under tension between support columns, giving more strength to the concrete.
‘Post-tensioned concrete allows for more distance between columns. The lack of columns provides more flexibility in planning. The span between columns in the new hospital is 26 feet compared with 12-1/2 feet in the present hospital building,’ said Jim Walker, project architect.
The concrete is inherently fireproof, so it doesn’t require the fire-proofing measures necessary when using a steel frame.
While post-tensioned concrete is not uncommon, site workers said they believed that Caesars Hotel at the Bridgeport gaming complex is the only other structure in Harrison County to utilize it.