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Recount shows no significant change

Recount shows no significant change
Recount shows no significant change
From left, Rosie Funk, Patsy Windell, Charles Allen and Edith Richards count votes Thursday afternoon from the May 2 Primary Election at the Harrison County Court House. Harrison Circuit Clerk Sherry Brown said the recount was necessary due to some of the voting machines not being retested prior to the election. Also helping with the recount were Patricia Bocard, Marvin Capehart, Edith Davis and Nina Faith. (Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor)

A recount of 16 Harrison County precincts yielded no significant changes in any race. The recount was required by law because voting machines at the precincts were reprogrammed without a subsequent public test.
Circuit Clerk Sherry Brown said that Election Systems & Software, the vendor who supplied the county’s voting machines, had delayed the public test twice, leaving no time for further testing.
The recount was completed before noon yesterday.
‘We tallied the treasurer’s race and Carol Hauswald came out exactly the same as the tape said. Carole Gaither picked up four votes,’ said Brown.
‘Our only theory is, and this is only a theory, is when people are marking ballots sometimes they don’t make the line connect the arrow completely, and those votes are not counted,’ Brown said.
Precinct results were electronically tabulated on election night May 2. Those totals were then manually entered into a single computer which combined the figures to give final vote totals.
Results were certified and sent to the state May 15 as required by the statutory deadline. Brown said she plans to contact the state regarding the few votes not on record and whether or not they warrant an amendment to the official totals.
Two other recounts are pending. If those parties do not file a motion to dismiss, Brown said recounts will have to be arranged for a minimum of three precincts in the Republican races for sheriff and county commissioner on behalf of the Republican Party, and 10 precincts would have to be recounted in the race of Harold Klinstiver and Jim Heitkemper for county commissioner on behalf of Klinstiver.
It was initially reported that workers conducting the recounts must be paid $100 per day. Brown said they are required to pay the workers no more than $100 per day. She is talking with representatives of ES&S about possible reimbursement for recount cost.
The voting machines should be ready for the general election in November, said Brown, who anticipates a much smoother process in the fall.