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FC girls win first track crown since 1992

After a 14-year dry spell, the Floyd Central Lady Highlanders landed their first track sectional championship with a 15-point win over rival New Albany at the Corydon Sectional last Tuesday night. Floyd, Corydon, Crawford County, North Harrison and South Central will all send girls to the Bedford Regional.
‘We did everything right tonight,’ Floyd coach Carl Hook said. ‘We talked a long time yesterday about what we had to get done today, about taking care of business. They did it. They came down in every event, and everybody gave it everything they had. We had several PR’s (personal records), and all the field events really helped out. Everybody took care of it tonight.’
The Lady Highlanders battled mostly with Corydon in the field events, but it was only junior Emily Batliner who would come away with a win, clearing 8 feet, 6 inches for the top spot.
It was a battle royal in the high jump between Corydon’s Meghan Bussabarger and Gretchen Zimmerman and Floyd Central’s Alex Wolfe and Olivia Allen, with all four jumpers clearing 5 feet, 1 inch. Bussabarger and Zimmerman, however, would make the sweep with jumps of 5-3 and 5-2, respectively. Wolfe finished third and Allen fourth.
‘That’s excellent,’ Bussabarger said of all four jumpers. ‘You don’t expect four of them, and me and Gretchen were right up there in first and second, both from Corydon. I wish I could have got 5-5, but I guess my feet didn’t want to let me. Hopefully, I can get it in regional.’
In the long jump North Harrison’s Jamie Johnson launched a big one of 16-feet even to grab a sectional win over New Albany’s Kayla Hardin. Johnson said hang-time was the key.
‘I felt like my muscles were really tight, but I knew I really needed to get height off the board,’ Johnson said. ‘That’s my biggest problem. I think I got a little more height that time. I think I’ve got a bigger one in me. I think the competition (at regional) will push me.’
In the first of the running events, North Harrison was seeded third in the 3,200-meter relay, but that was before sophomore runner Amber Gresham came down with pneumonia, keeping her out of the competition. Floyd Central’s Andrea Trinkle gave the Lady Highlanders the lead on the second leg and the team never looked back to get the win in a time of 10 minutes, 20.23 seconds.
Crawford County’s relay team, made up of Hayley Kenner, Renee Darland, Morgan Kenner and Lauren Schaftlein charged to the third position and set a new school record doing it. The Ladypack team ran a time of 10 minutes, 39.60 seconds, bettering its old time from four years ago by seven seconds.
‘Those guys are young, like Lauren. She’s just an awesome runner and Morgan just keeps going,’ Hayley Kenner said. ‘Then, Renee Darland, we’ve tried to coach her every day on how to use your arms and keep working. I think she’s tried more to mimic us. Our hand-offs, we’ve really worked on those this year because we were really worried about those. I think that makes up some time and that helped us out a lot this year. With this team, I think we can drop it even more.’
‘I looked over there (at the team) and I saw everybody yelling,’ said Schaftlein, who anchored for the team. ‘They came over and said, ‘Hey, we got a school record.’ We beat it by seven seconds, so I thought that was pretty cool. Now, we’re going to have our names on the board.’
It was evident in the preliminaries of the 100-meter hurdles that both New Albany’s Hali Alexander and Corydon’s Bussabarger were going to be the ones to catch, with both splintering the sectional record for the race. In the final Alexander nosed Bussabarger by less than half a step with a time of 15.99 seconds. Bussabarger bettered her time with a 16.12-second race.
North Harrison senior Keo Perryman put herself in the regional with a fourth-place finish in the 400-meter run. Perryman said there was a little pain involved in her race.
‘After the conference, I kind of slacked off working out, then Sunday, I worked out hard and I’m sore from it,’ she said. ‘My hamstrings were real tight today.’
Floyd’s Sydney Gholston had to deal with New Albany’s Alexander in the 300-meter hurdles. The Floyd senior held off a charge by the Lady Bulldog in the fast heat, winning by just under a second with a time of 47.46 seconds.
Pekin Eastern’s Kristi Vest earned a dominating win in the 800-meter run. Trinkle and Schaftlein battled close before Trinkle took control of second with less than 200 meters to go, while Schaftlein took third over New Albany’s Jenise Wehmiller.
Floyd junior Rachel Martin earned regional berths in both the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints. South Central’s Sarah Pease handily won both the 1,600 and 3,200-meter runs, winning the metric mile by a six-second margin over Floyd’s Allison Laird and the deuce by 10 seconds over Pekin Eastern’s Angie Sells. She then came back to anchor the 1,600-meter relay for her team.

Team Scores – Floyd Central 145, New Albany 130, Corydon 72, Salem 69, Borden 54, South Central 47, North Harrison 29, Pekin Eastern 26, Lanesville 14, West Washington 12, Crawford County 13, Christian Academy 7

Individual Results (Top 4 to Regional) – 100-meter Dash-1. Whitney Todd (NA) 12.69**, 2. Rachel Martinson (FC) 13.40, 3. Kristen Roberts (NA) 13.62, 4. Caitlin Hasty (SC) 14.00; 200-meter Dash-1. Whitney Todd (NA) 26.57, 2. Brandi Waller (NA) 27.03, 3. Rachel Martinson (FC) 27.75, 4. Alex Wolfe (FC) 28.04; 400-meter Dash-1. Nikki Korte (FC) 1:02.21, 2. Carissa Martin (NA)1:03.21, 3. Sarah Nixon (NA) 1:03.50, 4. Keo Perryman (NH) 1:03.78; 800-meter Run-1. Kristi Vest (PE) 2:25.64, 2. Andrea Trinkle (FC) 2:34.13, 3. Lauren Schaftlein (CC) 2:35.78, 4. Jenise Wehmiller (NA) 2:39.04; 1,600-meter Run-1. Sarah Pease (SC) 5:30.84, 2. Allison Laird (FC) 5:36.77, 3. Jenise Wehmiller (NA) 5:38.08, 4. Angie Sells (PE) 5:39.64; 3,200-meter Run-1. Sarah Pease (SC) 11:53.01, 2. Angie Sells (PE) 12:03.20, 3. Allison Laird (FC) 12:04.27, 4. Brooke Davisson (Sa) 12:18.46; 100-meter Hurdles-1. Hali Alexander (NA) 15.99*, 2. Meghan Bussabarger (Co) 16:12, 3. Heather Livers (WW) 18.00, 4. Olivia Allen (FC) 18.23; 300-meter Hurdles-1. Sydney Gholston (FC) 47.46, 2. Hali Alexander (NA) 48.31, 3. Rebecka Sackssteder (Sa) 50.57, 4. Kayla Hardin (NA) 52.23; 400-meter Relay-1. New Albany 51.03, 2. Floyd Central 52.44, 3. Salem 54.54, 4. Corydon 57.65; 1,600-meter Relay-1. New Albany 4:11.08, 2. Floyd Central 4:12.90, 3. North Harrison 4:26.16, 4. Borden 4:29.79; 3,200-meter Relay-1. Floyd Central 10:20.23, 2. New Albany 10:32.22, 3. Crawford County 10:39.60, 4. Salem 10:46.68; High Jump-1. Meghan Bussabarger (Co) 5-3, 2. Gretchen Zimmerman (Co) 5-2, 3. Alex Wolfe (FC) 5-2, 4. Olivia Allen (FC) 5-1; Pole Vault-1. Emily Batliner (FC) 8-6, 2. Claire Hardsaw (Co) 8-0, 3. Kelly Eberly (Co) 7-0, 3. Melissa Bowers (Sa) 7-0; Long Jump-1. Jamie Johnson (NH) 16-0, 2. Kayla Hardin (NA) 15-2, 3. Caitlin Hasty (SC) 14-10-1/2, 4. Kate Jones (Co) 14-3-1/2; Shot Put-1. Lindsey Cook (Bor) 36-7, 2. Stannye Wolfe (Co) 34-10, 3. Sean Romero (Sa) 33-2 1/2, 4. Tiffany Newson (NA) 32.4 1/2; Discus-1. Lindsey Cook (Bor) 142-3*, 2. Stannye Wolfe (Co) 113-3, 3. Brittney Camp (FC) 99-6, 4. Tori Taylor (Sa) 96-2.
*New Sectional Record
**Tied Sectional Record