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Jeff Hauswald named SH assistant super

Since he joined South Harrison Community School Corp. in 1997, Jeff Hauswald, 32, has served as a junior high math teacher, assistant principal, athletic director and principal of South Central Elementary School, the role he holds now and until June when he takes over as assistant superintendent.
‘I think part of being prepared to be a leader at a central office level is having meaningful experiences in the classroom,’ Hauswald said.
Throughout his career, Hauswald has continued his education both through job experience and as a student himself.
‘One of my students asked one time, ‘Mr. Hauswald, what grade are you?’ I said, ‘I’m in grade 20.’ ‘
His bachelor’s degree is from Indiana University Bloomington. His master’s degree, elementary and secondary principal’s licenses are from Indiana University Southeast in New Albany. This month he capped off his specialist license in educational leadership and a degree in curriculum studies, both from IU Bloomington.
‘It’s a big commitment, driving up to Bloomington every other weekend for three years and spending six weeks in summer for the ed leadership program,’ he said.
So why do it?
‘I love school. And not only do I love working in a school every day, but I love taking classes. When you enjoy learning, you just find yourself being drawn to taking classes. But I’ve promised my wife I’m going to take a year off when this is all done,’ Hauswald said.
Time off to Hauswald is a relative thing.
An avid runner, he unwinds from his professional and academic life by racking up the miles on county roads and downtown sidewalks with his wife, Cassie. He has completed 34 marathons in 20 states and hopes to eventually conquer all 50 states.
As assistant superintendent, Hauswald’s duties will include ‘all the traditional district leadership components: working with curriculum instruction, corporation programs, working with teachers and with principals to improve student services as well as making sure we are complying with all state and federal regulations,’ he said.
‘The important thing is the programs and services and even the politics and policies. The wellness policy ‘ they’re looking at all these changes and it’s all for the betterment of kids. That is important. More important is that we have to have an attendance policy to make sure kids come to school, and engaging curriculum,’ Hauswald said.
Hauswald’s father, Larry, taught every sixth grader who passed through Corydon Elementary and then Middle School from 1967 through the spring of 2003 with the exception of a few who went to the junior high due to overcrowding.
He retired after 36-1/2 years of teaching science and 33 years of coaching sixth-grade basketball. He was the driving force behind the sixth-grade spring camping trip, and he is now a member of the corporation’s school board of trustees.
Though he has inherited his father’s interest in education, Jeff Hauswald said as professionals they draw a line between career and family.
When the school board discussed his son’s candidacy for the assistant superintendent position, Larry Hauswald excused himself from the executive sessions and later abstained from voting on Supt. Neyland Clark’s recommendation that Jeff Hauswald was the man for the job.
‘My dad and I don’t talk school outside of a school event or a board meeting. If something gets brought up about school, my mom is quick to say, ‘This isn’t the place,’ and she’s right,’ Hauswald said.
Current Assistant Supt. Gary Bridwell is vacating the position to seek employment closer to home in Bedford.
SCES teacher Sharon Mathes will move into the role of principal to fill the vacancy created by Hauswald’s exit. It has not yet been determined in which school Mathes will serve.