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BC cruises to MSC track crown

BC cruises to MSC track crown
BC cruises to MSC track crown
Just like the Braves did to the competition, Brownstown Central pole vaulter Bret Gastineau eclipses the sun in the Mid-Southern Conference track and field meet Thursday afternoon at Eastern High School. (Photo by Alan Stewart)

Neither boys team from Harrison County was able to cut into the armor of Brownstown Central Thursday afternoon at Eastern High School in the annual Mid-Southern Conference meet.
The Braves, who also won the girls meet going away on Tuesday, posted a 38-point victory over Charlestown, 134-96, to snare the conference crown on the campus of Eastern High School.
‘Charlestown kind of surprised me,’ said Corydon Central coach Kerry Zimmerman. ‘They’ve got about four really good runners and that’s about it. One guy ran in the 100 and 200, another guy ran the 400 and 800, another guy ran the mile and 3200 and another guy ran the 110 and 300 hurdles. Then they put the four of them together and they went out and won the 4×400. I really thought we should have been second, but Charlestown sort of snuck in there on us.’
In all, only the county earned only three victories, with North Harrison sophomore Bryan Schroeder winning the long jump, Corydon Central senior Billy Saulman snaring the 200m dash title and Corydon’s 400 relay team coming home an easy winner.
‘I was impressed by the strength and teamwork of the Brownstown team, but we weren’t as competitive as I had hoped,’ said North coach Joe Kellum. ‘We have had too many injuries that kept some kids from competing. We tried to get in there and score as much as we could with our numbers. With some of our higher scoring athletes out, it was up to some of the younger guys to step up and compete in a big meet. I thought they gave it their all, and I am proud of them for that.
‘We had to leave some events open because I just don’t have the numbers, which I don’t like to do. You just can’t score points if you don’t have someone in there. Even scoring a few points in each event, by the end of the night it adds up.’
Schroeder’s leap of 21-4 1/4 came in preliminaries, but no one was able to approach his distance in the final. Corydon’s Kyle White was second (20-1), with Saulman third (19-11).
White also had a second in the 110 hurdles (15.5), and teammate Matt Karnes was fourth in 16.1. Marty Hill from North Harrison was seventh overall in the same race with a time of 17.0.
Saulman had a runner-up finish in the 100 in 11.7, with Schroeder third at 11.8, and James Henderson of Corydon, fifth.
The Panthers 400m relay quartet of Karnes, White, Henderson and Saulman easily out-distanced the field, clocking in at 44.6.
‘We figured they were the favorites and all it was going to come down to were hand-offs,’ Zimmerman said.
Corydon’s 3200 relay team was sixth in 9:11.2, with North Harrison eighth in 9:41.3.
North’s Alex Kleinke was third in the 400 in 54.4, with teammate Alan Austin seventh in the discus (125-10), and Jacob Klapheke seventh in the 300m hurdles (45.1).
Corydon’s Shawn Walker cleared 5-10 in the high jump for third place, followed by teammate Chad Backherms in fourth (5-10). North’s Hill wound up eighth (5-6).
David Brock was seventh in the 800 for the Panthers, clocking in at 2:14.8. Henderson was third in the 200 (23.8).
In the two-mile run, Mann was fifth in 10:43.4, with the Cougars’ Shay Barnickle seventh in 11:05.9.
Corydon’s mile relay team was sixth in 3:51.4.
Karnes earned a fourth-place finish in the vault (11-6) and Max Anaya of North was sixth (10-0).
‘I am hoping for next year to get our numbers up and our injuries down, and to be up there a little stronger as a team,’ Kellum said. ‘We have had a good fun year, and I am thankful for that. I have a lot of really good kids, and I really enjoy helping them achieve their goals. Even though we didn’t do well as a team, I had some kids that did well for themselves, and I can’t ask for anything more than that.’
With the boys sectional on Thursday, Zimmerman said the meet is New Albany’s to lose.
‘They’ve got some horses, but not a lot of depth. Still, no one is going to beat their good people,’ Corydon’s coach said. ‘We’ve got some guys who are going to make it out, so we’re still banking on three more weeks left in our season.’
Team scores ‘ 1. Brownstown Central 134, Charlestown 96, Corydon Central 93, Clarksville 77, Silver Creek 64.5, Salem 58.5, North Harrison 36.5, Eastern 27, Austin 26, Scottsburg 10.5.
Individual results ‘ 3200 relay ‘ 1. Brownstown Central 8:43, 2. Charlestown, 3. Clarksville, 6. Corydon Central 9:11.2, 8. North Harrison 9:41.3; 110 hurdles ‘ 1. Crockett (BC) 15.4, 2. White (Co) 15.5, 3. Baker (Ch), 4. Karnes (Co) 16.1, 7. Hill (NH) 17.0; 100 ‘ 1. Cheeks (Ch) 11.6, 2. Saulman (Co) 11.7, 3. Schroeder 11.8, 5. Henderson (Co); 1600 ‘ 1. Jones (SC) 4:38, 2. Strom (SC), 3. Crossman (BC); Long jump ‘ 1. Schroeder (NH) 21-4 1/4, 2. White (Co) 20-1, 3. Saulman (Co) 19-11; 400 ‘ 1. Brown (Ch) 51.5, 2. Hosterman (Ch), 3. Klienke (NH) 54.4; 400 relay ‘ 1. Corydon Central 44.6, 2. Charlestown 46.4, 3. Eastern 46.6; Discus ‘ 1. Bowers (Sa) 138-2, 2. Allen (E), 3. Rachel (A), 7. Austin (NH) 125-10; 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Baker (Ch) 41.0, 2. Crockett (BC), 3. Hurley (BC), 7. Klapheke (NH) 45.1; High jump ‘ 1. Crockett (BC) 6-0, 2. Mellencamp (BC), 3. Walker (Co) 5-10, 4. Backherms (Co) 5-10, 8. Hill (NH) 5-6; 800 ‘ 1. Brown (Ch) 2:06.4, 2. Crossman (BC), 3. Muncy (SC), 7. Brock (Co) 2:14.8; 200 ‘ 1. Billy Saulman (Co) 23.3, 2. Gilliam (E), 3. Henderson (Co) 23.8; 3200 ‘ 1. Jones (SC) 10:02, 2. Huff (A), 3. Strom (SC), 5. Mann (Co) 10:43.4, 7. Barnickle (NH) 11:05.9; Shot put ‘ 1. Stover (Cl) 46.9, 2. Reynolds (BC), 3. Sanders (SC); 1600 relay ‘ 1. Charlestown 3:34, 2. Brownstown Central, 3. Clarksville, 6. Corydon Central 3:51.4, 7. North Harrison 3:56.7; Pole vault ‘1. Gastineau (BC) 12-6, 2. Hurley (BC), 3. Sebastian (A), 4. Karnes (Co) 11-6, 6. Anaya (NH) 10-0.