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Taking back the night

Corydon launched its first-ever extension of the international ‘Take Back the Night’ demonstration against domestic and sexual violence Thursday.
The multi-faceted event on the square was sponsored by the Harrison County Coordinating Council Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, the Center for Women and Families, Hoosier Hills PACT, and Comfort House.
Though the 60 visitors made up only about half of the event’s goal, Randy West, a member of the coordinating council, said no one was disappointed.
‘It’s just not the kind of event that attracts large numbers of people, but we’ll keep trying it. We’ll do it again next year.’
‘Take Back the Night’ is more about outreach than entertainment. It included a vivid and powerful first-hand account by Erin Keane, a sexual violence survivor turned victim advocate, and an energetic performance by the Earth Mamas multi-ethnic dance troupe. Everyone got involved with a rallying march around the square and a candlelight vigil.
The event also provided an opportunity for victims of sexual assault and other violence to come forward with their own testimonials. And they did.
‘I think the nice thing was that several people got up and told their story almost spontaneously. They said, ‘Well, I didn’t intend to do this. I didn’t attend to speak.’ I think the networking effort started that night,’ West said.