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Petitioner hopes to bar ‘Da Vinci Code’ from showing at Corydon Cinemas

A Corydon woman is on a crusade to keep the upcoming movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ from being shown at the Corydon Cinemas.
The Ron Howard film, starring Tom Hanks, is based on the controversial novel by Dan Brown, which claims that Mary Magdalene’s womb was the ‘Holy Grail,’ and that she was Jesus’ wife and the mother of His children. The book also claims Jesus was not seen as God by His followers until Emperor Constantine declared him as such, and that the truth about Christ and Mary Magdalene has been kept alive by a secret society called ‘Priory of Sion.’
Linda Faith, 34, believes the book — and movie ‘ are a slap in the face of Christianity as a whole. She’s gathering names for a petition to be given to the cinemas’ owner, Chris Byrd, in hopes of keeping ‘Code’ from reaching the big screen here.
The movie is slated to be shown at Corydon Cinemas beginning May 19. Byrd could not be reached at his law office yesterday.
‘People told me that they wouldn’t show controversial movies, and I was sort of under the impression that he wasn’t going to show it,’ Faith said. ‘A few days ago I called and found out it was going to be shown. I felt like I had to step forward. People don’t realize what the movie is about.
‘The main thing is that slap in the face of Jesus. (Brown) is deceiving so many people,’ she said. ‘He’s leading them to believe that it’s a thriller, and if someone goes to see it and they aren’t solid in their faith or are just starting out in their faith, it could shake them. (Brown) is spreading lies and deceit. Everything he says in the book, he cannot back up with fact. Out of sheer respect, it just shouldn’t be viewed on the big screen.’
Faith, who attends Lincoln Hills Christian Church in Corydon, is midway through Brown’s book. While that may sound hypocritical, she says she had to read it to reaffirm what she’d been told the book was about.
‘I couldn’t do it by hearsay. I had to read it in order to stand up against it,’ Faith said. ‘I’m hoping to get several hundred names, if not more than that. I’d like to get 500 or more.’
The petition is being passed around to all of the local churches as well as local Christian book stores. For those who are unable to get out, names can be added to the petition by sending name, city and state to Faith online at [email protected]