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Seek information, decide, VOTE

Many residents don’t believe it is important to get to the polls for this one. After all, it’s not a presidential election year and down-home politics either turn you off or don’t turn you on. You should know better. Have you been reading The Corydon Democrat?
The Harrison County Primary Election is a very important time that comes along only once every two years, and we have a slew of candidates who believe in themselves and believe they can in some way improve life in Harrison County.
You may not agree with their platforms, but one would be hard pressed to disparage those lofty goals.
Elected positions at the local level may not be the heady stuff of national campaigns, but if you have read the responsibilities of those elected offices, which have been included along with the campaign stories this past month, you may understand the importance of each officeholder. We urge you to study these carefully along with the candidates while making your choices. At the least, we urge you to consider more than a person’s popularity and heritage when casting your vote, if you are community minded enough to do so.
On Tuesday, May 2, voters will decide which of their party’s candidates will stand for election in the fall. Voters will choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot on which to mark their choices.
Be a savvy voter; candidates are much more than a name.