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New life on the way for old Winn-Dixie strip

Dahlem Enterprises Inc. has big plans for the property that is currently home to Tractor Supply Co., Dollar General and the old Winn-Dixie building in Corydon.
James Dahlem has been granted a zoning variance by the Corydon Board of Zoning Appeals which will allow for construction of a Walgreens in the old Winn-Dixie parking lot on the corner nearest to the intersection of state highways 135 and 337.
The Walgreens will include a drive through, but Dahlem said he does not know if it will open as a 24-hour operation.
In addition, Dahlem Enterprises has ambitious plans for the existing buildings. The Winn-Dixie building and the space currently occupied by Dollar General Store are to be replaced with a 13,500-square foot strip containing room for about seven shops.
The shops will be about 30 feet wide and 60 feet deep. While there are not yet any prospects, Dahlem said, ‘We are looking for anything that is retail-service type of use. We might be able to entertain some sort of restaurant depending on the parking situation.’
Part of addressing that parking situation will be a new stipulation requiring leaseholders to not place merchandise in parking spaces. TSC currently does a good deal of that, but Dahlem said he believes they are close to negotiating a new lease with the stipulation included.
Dollar General’s lease has expired, and they have been notified that the building is to be destroyed, Dahlem said.
Before granting a building permit, the board of zoning appeals is waiting on the demolition, a copy of the new lease agreement that prohibits merchandise in the parking lot, and is requiring landscaping between the strip and S.R. 135, something Dahlem was already prepared to do.
‘We are excited about being able to do something with the property and bringing it back to life,’ Dahlem said.
For a number of years, Dahlem said, Winn-Dixie and Wal-Mart continued paying their leases despite vacating the property, explaining the span of time during which the respective buildings sat empty.
Early lease terminations are often negotiated for pennies on the dollar and are difficult for a commercial property owner to justify, Dahlem said.