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CVB puts new face on historic Corydon, Harrison County

CVB puts new face on historic Corydon, Harrison County
CVB puts new face on historic Corydon, Harrison County
Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor Sean Hawkins, right, community development manager for the Harrison County Convention and Visitors Bureau, displays the new artwork that will be used when promoting Harrison County and surrounding areas as a tourist destination. CVB director Jim Epperson outlined the CVB's new campaign yesterday in Corydon. (Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor)

A new image for Corydon and Harrison County was unveiled yesterday (Tuesday) in the First State Capitol in Corydon.
Designed to boost tourism in the state’s first capital and to sites of interest throughout Harrison County, Jim Epperson, director of the Harrison County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the new ‘brand identity’ includes a new logo, tagline, complete advertising campaign and other marketing materials.
‘Today’s announcement is the culmination of three years of work to better shape and focus our marketing efforts, to cut through marketing clutter and bring more visitor spending to Harrison County,’ Epperson said. ‘From strategic planning through visitor research conducted by Purdue University to the work produced by the Seventwenty Group, a whole team of professionals has been working to get to this point.
‘Now it’s time to get on with the execution of better marketing,’ Epperson said.
The logo, Historic Corydon/Harrison County, shows a civil war cannon poised for battle at the side of the early 1800s limestone capitol. The tagline, ‘This is Indiana,’ means just what it says: that scenic, peaceful Harrison County and its friendly people are an accurate reflection of the Hoosier state and its Midwestern values.
‘It’s bold for us to claim this,’ Epperson said. ‘We feel good about it.’
Addressing the audience of about 25 in the capitol, Epperson said, ‘We want every resident in Harrison County to take pride in how we’re representing our county.’
A brief video showing Harrison County and neighboring sites ‘ from caves to shops to winding rivers and Caesars’ casino ‘ brought a round of applause.
CVB director Linda McKim said the entire presentation left a smile on her face. ‘It feels good,’ she said. ‘The difference between what we were doing before and now is; this is really connected.’
Epperson said the new marketing does ‘cut through the clutter’ by centering on this area as opposed to Scenic Southern Indiana, which encompasses several counties. ‘There are some in Indiana that would argue that Southern Indiana is everything south of Interstate 70,’ he said.
He said marketing publications and a new Web site,, will paint a more focused picture for potential visitors seeking information on travel possibilities.
The Seventwenty Group developed the marketing campaign in part from research previously conducted by Purdue University.
The new marketing company was paid $45,000 to conduct further research and develop the new advertising campaign.