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Meth maker, user, dealer gets lengthy prison sentence

Methamphetamine charges last week landed a 40-year-old former Ramsey man in state prison for 16 years.
Jeffery Decker, formerly of Corydon, agreed to the sentence, in part so he might get help conquering the addiction, even though Judge Roger Davis, Harrison Superior Court, warned there was no guarantee treatment would be provided by the state.
The judge assured Decker that the court would be in favor of him getting help, but there were no promises. ‘Do you still wish to go forward?’ Davis asked.
‘Yes, sir, I do,’ Decker responded. ‘I want to get my life back.’
The judge reviewed Decker’s criminal history and the time he has already served on some counts (for which he will get credit) and probation violations that had occurred.
Altogether, 10 drug-related charges from 2004 and 2005 were pending against Decker, plus an intimidation charge in 2005. He was on probation for forgery and two theft charges brought in 2002.
‘You admit you’ve violated the law, maybe not six ways to Sunday, but at least three?’ Davis asked.
‘Yes, sir.’
Decker told the judge he did not think he could ‘beat’ the charges against him in court, which are considerable.
‘Considering your criminal history, they (the prosecutor’s office) have been considerably reasonable with you,’ the judge said. ‘You will still end up doing a significant amount of time in prison. That’s unfortunate for the taxpayers (who foot the bill) and for you, but hopefully it will do you some good.’
The judge sentenced Decker to a total of 28 years, but suspended 12, which left 16 years for Decker to serve. With time off for good behavior, Decker could be eligible for release in eight years. Time already served (406 days) in jail could cut that to a little less than six years.
Decker was represented by Corydon attorney Amie Newlon. Chief Dep. Prosecutor John Colin represented the state at the sentencing.